Colin Kaepernick supports seizing land from white farmers and redistributing to black citizens – IOTW Report

Colin Kaepernick supports seizing land from white farmers and redistributing to black citizens


If this comes as a surprise, you really haven’t been paying attention.

Radical former NFL player Colin Kaepernick expressed support on social media of reports that South Africa’s new black president plans to seize land owned by white farmers since the 1600s — expropriation — and redistribute the property to black citizens.

Kaepernick, who launched the show of disrespect toward the national anthem as a player for the San Francisco 49ers in a protest of police brutality and racism, opted to re-tweet a post from Shaun King saying “this needs to happen.”


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  1. Building his street cred for a star on the Wakanda walk of fame. Nothing says down with the cause like promoting white genocide.

  2. Move to South Africa, land confiscation is all the rage there.
    You even can kill whitey with government approval.

    You’ll fit in colon.

  3. Iv’e met many South Africans who’ve had their family land taken away, and the Look of disbelief takes 2 to 3 years to go away for these guy’s.

  4. The Communist agenda (((MSM))) and Colin Kaepernick are working together to continue the take-down of the country along with all the other Soros backed Communists destroying the USA we used to live in. Black power advocates want ALL the power to run this country into ruin like Zimbabwe by eliminating white control. However, the Blacks have a tendency to get goodies bestowed upon themselves without having to put forth the effort and ethics necessary to achieve success. For an example is the Pigford Scandal that enriched unqualified schemers as well as an insider Black politician.
    June 15, 2013
    Pigford: The Unexamined Obama Administration Scandal
    By Jim O’Sullivan

    The USA would be destined for the starvation of many should incapable, unskilled Blacks, lacking agricultural knowledge, be farmed out to produce anything edible.

  5. I wish his girlfriend would hurry up and cheat on him so he can kick the shit out of her and go to jail. That’s usually how NFL members handle their business.

  6. A know-nothing asshat. I spent many days in SA and most people have no clue how bad it is. Rape gates in your house; armed security response services; carjackings so bad many have installed kill switches in their vehicles; the ANC thugs rampantly brutalizing other tribes (like the Zulu). One morning I heard on the radio where two black police captains in a nearby city came on to the day shift but only one supervisor’s car was available (the other in the shop). How did they decide who got the car? One shot & killed the other, then went out on patrol.

    The whites are what’s left holding the shithole together. Wanna know their future??? Look north to Zimbabwe.

  7. Yes! We are much too efficient at producing food.

    Let’s destroy our food production. That is one of several ways black rule has turned Rhodesia and now South Africa into 3rd world shitholes.

  8. Almost 10 years ago we sent a crew to SA to do a reactor inspection in Cape Town.

    When the guys weren’t behind the fence at the plant or inside the walled living compound they had to have security with them.

    Very restrictive conditions for naive, foreign, white boys.

    They said the countryside was nice as they looked out the barred bus windows.

  9. Proving, once again, black Africans are virtually incapable of learning anything from history…see Zimbabwe (having tried and failed by doing exactly that).

  10. Zimbabwe did not just try and fail. It tried, failed and kept on trying and failing until almost all the whites were dispossessed and the economy collapsed. Now Zim is open to the benevolent influences of China and Iran. Things are looKing great!

  11. They did that in Zimbabawe and the blacks couldn’t run them and starved. Now they import food. So yeah, go to it Colon and friends.

  12. Goodell’s support of him 2 years ago convinced meet stop watching NFL. Roger was very forceful in his support this year so I continued my boycott. If Roger hates America andI love America there is no “middle”. Goodell is free to hate America; and I am free to NOT support him!

  13. There’s a collision coming between Gun Control, Inc. and BLM. Both groups cannot set their hair on fire simultaneously, as there is not enough oxygen to support both burns. Kaepernick will win out, because he’s black and has bigger hair than Hogg. I think the media was starting to realize what a little douche Hogg was, anyway. Your fifteen minutes are up, white privileged punk.

  14. Good LUCK ever “seizing a PAYCHECK” from the NFL again, Kaputnik.

    Unless you place on selling ice-cold Doctah Peppah in the stands. 😳

  15. If you insist that the government decides who owns what, by allowing government say in who owns what, then you’ve agreed that the government decides who owns what.

  16. Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Yo! Krap-on-dick! Been tried.
    You need to get your head outta your ass and do a little research.
    Ever heard of Africa? It’s a real place, asshat, not some weird fantasy land of unicorns and rainbows. Take some of your $Millions and buy a ticket to Uganda, Zimbabwe, Congo, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Togo, &c., &c., &c. and spend a few years educating yourself.
    You might be surprised at how absolutely wrong you are about everything.

    But, on the other hand, you probably aren’t interested in facts – or truth.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. The Cape Town football team just found its new star quarterback.
    They’re being sued by native S Africans to change their mascot, the Scrotum Washers.

  18. This bitch can get the hell out of the USA . Move to a Muslim country or Haiti, Uganda, this little man is disgusting bitch. He can work because he is a loser.

  19. This isn’t just land seizure with no compensation. There are sects within the ANC and other outside extremists that talk about the white farm owners also being murdered (or executed if you will) and their land seized. It’s pretty damned scary and more and more ANC extremists are gaining power so it’s only going to get worse. If I were white I’d be thinking seriously about getting out and leaving the native South Africans to the tender mercies of their new Chinese masters because that’ exactly what they’d be. The white South Africans should be given refuge in western countries because at least these refugees would earn their keep. I know that sounds horribly racist but after watching what happend to Zimbabwe which used to be known as the breadbasket of Africa I have no sympathy for the likes of Mandela and the ANC. I do have some for the average African or Zulu (they seem to be a target of the ANC) but it’s up to them to fight it out.

  20. I support seizing Colin (and other blacks), shipping them to Africa and selling them (pick a country) to pay off the national debt.

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