Colin Powell says Clinton trying to ‘pin’ email scandal on him

PageSix: Colin Powell has broken his silence about his alleged involvement in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying her team is falsely trying to blame him.

When asked by the FBI about her email use at the State Department, Clinton reportedly told investigators that former Secretary of State Powell had advised her to use a personal email account at a private dinner.

But Powell, who had said last week in a statement that he had no recollection of the conversation, told Page Six at Saturday’s Apollo in the Hamptons event, “The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as secretary of state].

“Her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

When asked why Clinton’s team were attempting to blame him, he responded, “Why do you think?”  MORE

22 Comments on Colin Powell says Clinton trying to ‘pin’ email scandal on him

  1. LOL, Nobody deserves it more than him. HE is the one who convinced Bush 41 to end Desert Storm without taking Saddam out of power. HE is the one who supported Obozo while claiming to be a Republican.

    Piss on HIM.

  2. He said he’s doesn’t care because he’s “free”. lol
    But it annoyed him bad enough to say something and now the genie’s out of the bottle.
    I hope there’s more to come. Something like- “You know what? I was trying to stay out of it, but since my name came up, let me tell you what else she did…”


  3. Dad used to tell us to beware of people doing things wrong to others. If you make the mistake of spending time with them, eventually they’ll do you wrong. No sympathy for this shit bag. He sold his soul to the devil. Ungrateful, treasonous, racist, limp wristed faggot got off easy in this time.

  4. Join the bloody trail of those run over by the Clinton bus.

    Hey! What do you expect from a Mafia boss?

  5. I hope Powell has kept up his shooting practice from the Army days. If not, soon the Cankles Goon hit squad will be hunting him down, leaving the signature crime scene with bus tire tracks over his bloody, gunshot remains.

  6. She’s like a drowning person
    Grabbing everything in sight to slow her descent
    There’s room for a pant suit or two in Davey Jone’s locker

  7. shouldn’t the FBI be prosecuting him and putting him in jail like the did Scooter Libby? He clearly did of said something, he lied about it, then couldn’t remember


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