Collapsed Miami condo was sinking since 1990s

NYP: The Florida apartment building that partially collapsed on Thursday had been reportedly sinking for decades — and was undergoing a structural inspection, according to officials and a research study.

The 12-story beachfront condo in Miami-Dade County was built in 1981 — and had been sinking into the ground since the 1990s, according to a 2020 study conducted by Shimon Wdowinski, a professor at Florida International University.

“I looked at it this morning and said, ‘Oh my God.’ We did detect that,” Wdowinski told USA Today on Thursday.

Wdowinski’s research focused on which parts of Miami were sinking, in an effort to determine what areas could be most impacted by sea-level rise and coastal flooding.

His team found that the Champlain Towers South in Surfside had been sinking at a rate of about 2 millimeters a year in the 1990s, the report said. more here

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  1. that makes two of us …. been shrinking 2mm since the ’90’s too
    gravity’s a bitch

    oh wait …. SINKAGE …. not shrinkage! …………. nevermind
    oh wait, part 2 …. SHRINKING …. as pertains to HEIGHT!!!

  2. There were lots of collapsed tenement buildings in Ancient Rome, due to shoddy construction, resulting in the deaths of God knows how many poor people.

    In this case, local government is to blame for having allowed the construction to begin with. When the permit was granted the city was likely drooling over the extra revenue it would collect.

    Now the city can expect lawsuits up the ass.

  3. Just wait until all the engineers who are taught that math is racist start building stuff.

  4. hey- don’t forget about that ‘leaner’ in san francrisco. The building that tilts. ‘Just a little.’ The one that was built by freinsteins’ husbands’ business partner. The same guy that had his hands in the neighboring building, the transportation hub, that has ‘cracked beams.’ I bet there’s money in biden’s infrastructure give away for those two. Or him. And her, after laundering.
    Oh, yeah- he’s also the father of the kid that hacked the congressional computers during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, to use medical history information to blackmail congressmen for their vote.
    Yeah. Don’t forget about them.

  5. My Hispanix buddy thinks the building was intentionally dropped in order to destroy McAfee’s deadman switch…. I don’t know.

  6. Already Yahoo News, that progressive always wrong new site is saying climate change is to blame for the rising sea levels that caused the condo collapse. They will never stop.

  7. Like many other Civil Engineering failures (Osso, Washington land slide), this one happens so slowly, and on such a large scale, that it gets overlooked or simply dismissed.

  8. “Should we condemn the building? Nah, lets give it some time, the builder has made a generous donation to the City of Miami Beach!”

  9. @TimBuktu: Not only loss of tax revenue for the city/county, but loss of rent revenue for landlords, and loss of property for condo owners. I doubt any of them were insured. Most of the tenants will be dead before any kind of monetary restoration is made. Not all that glitters is gold. Don’t buy land in Florida or in and around San Francisco. Both are sinking. San Francisco was built on the same stuff Miami was built on – sand. Loma Prieta earthquake proved that out.

  10. What happened in Miami was truly awful, but not too surprising. There really is not much in the way of true bedrock. It is all sand & porous limestone. Believe me, I know quite a bit about sinkholes, as my farm is on a huge karst area with sinkholes everywhere. Lucky for me, none of them have opened up in the last 25 years, but I do have one on the very northern edge of my property that is quite large & spooky. When it rains heavy, the sinkhole looks like a giant drain. I keep an eye on that one.

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