College cites ‘safety concerns’ to cancel Robert Spencer speech

RAP: Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. really did not want to hear Robert Spencer, author and director of Jihad Watch, speak. In a recent guest column for the College Fix, Spencer described three instances in which he was disinvited or barred from using equipment there. The third instance resulted in Spencer being barred from campus.

Robert Spencer

All the instances, it turns out, are over “safety concerns.”

The first instance took place several years ago. But, as Spencer, starts his piece off with, it all connects to the college campuses protests today:

The controversies at the University of Missouri and Yale make it indisputable that America’s universities and colleges are today less institutions of higher learning than centers of Leftist indoctrination and agitprop. As if aware, however, that forcible suppression of unwelcome points of view is contrary to the very idea of a university, today’s academic authoritarians cast about for fig leaves to cover up their slavish adherence to politically correct norms. At Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, officials have recently invoked security risks to cover up their hostility to points of view that veer too far from acceptable Leftist norms.

This is, unfortunately, a story in which I play a part…

The first instance saw Spencer disinvited by then-President Father Jonathan DeFelice, who had reportedly received complaints from Muslim students at the school. Spencer notes that “Islamic groups, like their Leftist allies, share a taste for shutting their critics down rather than engaging in ideas, and Fr. DeFelice was happy to oblige them.”
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10 Comments on College cites ‘safety concerns’ to cancel Robert Spencer speech

  1. Afraid of the truth goat puffters? what’s the problem?

    A nonviolent moslem is a bad moslem, they are not followers of mohammed.

  2. As they squash free speach and thought;
    the lefty colleges are like cancer patients
    that refuse to take treatments because they
    hate the doctors who can help them.

  3. spencer and Gellar still banned from entering the uk , as they are deemed a threat to national security .meanwhile 2000 muslim males wandering round the uk are on terror watch WTF [ed uk ]

  4. I live right around the corner from Sarah Lawrence College, which is as good an example as any of a libturd re-education camp purporting to be an institution of higher learning. In particular, it seems to be Ground Zero for the gender confusion movement.

    I see them a lot because the grocery store where I go for midweek bread-‘n’-milk runs carries a line of organic snacks which the students all love. I’ve overheard their conversations and even spoken to some of them. Trust me, this is not a pretty picture.

    I’m going to demand a “safe space” when these annoying little cupcakes graduate and are set loose upon an unsuspecting world.

  5. Welcome to the new Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, out-of-control, dictatorial “regulation” where the ginned-up pretzel-logic of some Marxist utopia will use the soft bigotry of low expectations to keep Blacks under chaotic control, mandate everything “good” for us, tell us to love undocumented invaders, limit free speech for “safety” reasons and a stinking pig-dog Capitalist can always be found guilty of something! There is nothing new about lying to you every day, it’s just old fashioned Communism with a better sounding name: Progressivism!

  6. Sounds like the same as Pamela Geller and Ann Coulter have been subjected to for years. Welcome to the Fraternity! You can tell how close you are over target by the amount of flak you’re getting.

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