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College Football Has the Best Traditions

Watch @Weasel Zippers.

10 Comments on College Football Has the Best Traditions

  1. Love the sentiment………..but;

    What percentage of these youngsters;

    Can find Ukraine on a map
    Condemns cancel-culture
    Understands that a man can’t be a woman or have babies
    Possesses even a basic rudimentary understanding of economics regarding spending more money than you make
    Could name 10 presidents and identify what century they served
    Has voted
    Thinks the legacy media is free, objective, and honest
    Understands the need for secure definable borders
    And most importantly, if the nation was invaded would pick up a gun and defend it

    Drunk frat boys at a college football game may not be the best barometer for taking the pulse of America’s youth.

  2. How is watching grown men playing grabass such a great tradition?

    I know this is about collages but must add that “sports” has done as much damage to the public schools as the teacher’s union. The amount of money thrown at games so old farts can relive their glory days vicariously is beyond criminal.

  3. As the great t-shirt theologian said, “If Biden was the answer, how dumb was the question?”

    Frankly I like the sentiment regardless of the source.

  4. It’s nice to see Young People expressing themselves in Public & TO THEIR PROFESSORS.

    Any comments Karine Jean-Pierre, or are we just imagining this?


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