College is a bad joke

BW: College has become a standing joke. It’s where you go into debt for $100,000 to get a worthless degree in some inane pseudo-subject: Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, My-Brain-is-Installed-Backwards Studies. It’s where you go to get the rest of the country laughing at you for whining about, well, virtually everything.

Yes, America’s colleges have certainly been fodder for the laugh track, lately. What could be more laughable than an unemployed, unemployable, 25-year-old college grad living in his momma’s basement with a lifetime’s worth of debt clamped to his back and nothing to show for it but a degree in Stupid Studies?

But it’s getting to be not so funny anymore. In fact, it’s getting downright dangerous.

Case in point: vegetables posing as “authorities” at the University of Northern Colorado recently decorated the campus with 680 professionally printed signs warning the students to say nothing, ever, that might possibly offend a thin-skinned liberal. The cucumbers in charge say that it’s not censorship—perish the thought!—but only a gentle reminder aimed at blanketing the campus with “civility.” So, you see, it would be uncivil and “insensitive” to say, for instance, “All lives matter,” when you’re only allowed to say “Black lives matter.”  more

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  1. These grads will have solid careers once the reeducation camps get ramped up. They’ve been molded into good fascists indebted to the government.
    “But I never thought they’d put me in the Goon Squad” – Elvis Costello

    Too conspiratorial?

  2. To heck with the education part of college! The college moguls have figured out a way to get themselves big bucks with our tax dollars and they are milking it for all it’s worth!!

  3. I got a BS in Advanced Technical Studies.
    I still can’t explain what it means.
    Basically I wanted to be a pilot, a computer programmer, and a business owner.
    So they came up with some bullshit name for students with too many credits and no clear path.
    I spend a lot of time on my own paid for in full basement.

  4. Phenry

    “Too conspiratorial?” I don’t think so.

    Have you noticed all the things courts send people to counseling for? What do you suppose that’s all about? On the job training for gulag guards?

    Who are the counselors? Never having studied it or been there myself, I don’t know but I would bet many of them have a degree that qualifies them for a make work government job and absolutely nothing else.

  5. My 16 yr old grandson is planning to attend a technical school for HVAC. He’ll do just fine and will not be smothered by professorial tenuritis. Plus he and his dad can then work on my 60 year old boiler, an old Crane that still runs perfectly.

  6. @billyfuster
    I was rudderless in college and work as an intern at the Department of Labor in DC in the late 70s. I knew none of it was for me quite quickly and set a different course.
    It turned out to be a good decision.

  7. Hey whatever happened to majoring in underwater BB stacking? Isn’t that what OJ Simpson’s major was? For what it’s worth I have a worthless degree, a BA in Social Work (don’t ask me why, I was young and idealistic and trying to save the World), found out it was total BS and raised 3 kids instead and went to work to support them. I would’ve made a lousy Social Worker because I hate political correctness.

  8. My son is taking trade and manufacturing courses at a great community college. Tuition is something like $700/course. After a dozen courses, he’ll have two certificates showing his preparation for a real career. I’m betting it will lead to good jobs faster than a grievance studies degree from the Ivy League.

  9. I went to college knowing that 3/4 of my education would happen outside of the classroom. This knowledge has yet to fail me.

  10. Sadly, college is what one makes it.
    One may go to learn Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Botany, &c. or one may attend to waste 4 years fucking off by studying Sociology, “____” Studies, Basket Weaving, Trans-Gender Poetry, Negro Feminism, or a host of other useless, baseless, worthless stuff.
    The cost has risen proportionally with the “gov’t’s” funding for “higher” education, and the colleges and universities have had to accommodate the influx of borderline morons by dumbing down curricula, and instituting hosts of other effluvia to gather, and retain, “marginal” students who would otherwise be mopping floors at McDonald’s or drinking Muscatel while watching Oprah.
    It’s easy to blame the schools, but the simple fact is: they’re in it for the money – just like everybody else – and they’re willing to play the fool, for the rewards are great.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. engineering, technical or science degrees are a good investment but really the benefit is that you are changed by the process of completing a 4 year technical degree, if it’s from a good school at least.

    You learn how to learn. You might use at most 10% of the things you learn, but fact that you are able to learn is the real payoff. What you learn by experience and other things AFTER college is what is important.

    These brainwashed minions of academia are just wasting money and time and will end up being a drag on society.

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