College Socialists Hold Training Session On How to “Bash the Fash”


Claiming fear of violence from the right, the Knights of Socialism at The University of Central Florida held a “Self Defense: Boxing” clinic this past weekend- open only to fellow progressives.  The self proclaimed “Leftist Fight Club” featured an amateur boxer demonstrating how to properly throw a punch.  Afterwards participants were given time to practice on each other.


How quickly those on the left have forgotten what happened to Trayvon when he  assaulted someone.


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  1. That should work out well. 27 minutes of boxing instructions to go up against guys that were athletes in school and have been throwing punches most their lives. They better retreat back to their “Safe Spaces”. I don’t know many athletes that turned out liberal, but I know a lot of Liberals that regularly attended Band Camp.

  2. CCW is all I got to say. You feel your life is threatened, defend yourself. I think after the “Leftist Fight Club” has some casualties, then they would back down.

  3. (Leftie thinks): I punch “bad guy”, bad guy falls down!

    (Leftie punches “bad guy”)

    (“Bad guy” doesn’t fall down and starts toward leftie)

    (Leftie thinks): NOW WTF do I do!!??

  4. 27 minutes of boxing instruction against my Sig 226 and 40 years of shooting. Not too bright, these shitwit fascists.

  5. Not to worry, they’ll wear themselves out and end up with a few casualties just practicing on each other. LOL

  6. I see there is still some confusion over the communist/fascist philosophies.

    OK, the communists/socialists are left wing – they’re the globalists (even if some of them don’t know it) that hate traditional Western values. They have blue hair, at least a quarter of them are presumably pedophiles, they dress up as vaginas and demand sharia law because feminism. Most of them are very stupid. George Soros likes these people.

    The fascists are right wing – they’re the nationalists that like traditional Western values. They don’t have blue hair, they don’t dress up as vaginas, they don’t like fat ugly feminists, and they put pedophiles in gas chambers when given the opportunity. George Soros hates these people.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Their only power comes in the fact that they act as a mob. It’s never one guy versus one guy. It’s ten or twelve guys with clubs and flagpoles attacking one guy, beating the shit out of him and then standing over him kicking him repeatedly.

    They’re animals.

  8. Dianny FEBRUARY 7, 2017 AT 11:37 AM
    Their only power comes in the fact that they act as a mob. …..
    Now they’re attacking girls as well. Time for some serious beatdowns!

    Or are American men going to be like the european pussies

  9. Well at least they’re calling themselves what they actually are, Socialists. All too often these types try to disguise themselves as something else, more palatable to the average American. They ought to get themselves windbreakers with their name and some cartoon logo so they stand out in a crowd, proud of their ideology and the 27 minutes of combat training they’ve had and ready to take on all comers. Yep, that would sure spark interest in their club.

  10. Ironically not many “fighters” like hitting with a bare closed fist. A boxers fracture doesn’t take that much pressure and it’s a very slow healing painful injury to recover from. Once again the left misses the mark.

  11. Hey Brad-I was in the Band in High School because I like to play the saxophone plus it got me really close to the cheer leaders and pom pom girls. 🙂

  12. “Be the firstest with the mostest …”

    Let us not forget that this is how the SchutzStaffel got started.
    They later graduated to the Waffen SchutzStaffel.
    Their first job was to beat the shit out of jeerers and outspoken opponents at NaZi rallies. They did this quite well.
    If nothing else, they’re organizing. It takes organization for 10 or 12 guys to show up with clubs, &c., to beat the shit out of others.

    We would do well to take this seriously.

    izlamo delenda est …

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