College Student Removed From Tennis Team For Doing Exactly What the Left Does

A college tennis star at the University of Portland was asked to emcee an awards banquet for student athletes and he said something that got him booted off the tennis team because people were apparently “outraged, filled with the vapors, appalled, and never before subjected to such speech.”

A student athlete in attendance, Olivia Sanchez, wrote an opinion piece about Goutham Sundaram and said, “the night was supposed to be about me.”

Awww. Now you now what it’s like for a conservative to watch the ESPYs, the Oscars, the Tonys, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, or any other awards show.

What dod Sundaram say?

It was stupid, but it’s also right in keeping with any of the various workshops universities run where everything is all about sex. Perverted sex.

-How to safely jam things in your partners a$$ 101. 4 credits. 

That’s where Sundaram ran afoul. He quipped about heterosexual sex, and with the wrong color woman.

Oregon Live-

“Sundaram, the emcee, introduced himself with a speech in which he said he was going to open up, get real and ‘make the stage (his) locker room,'” Sanchez, the news and managing editor of UP’s student paper, The Beacon, wrote.

“Sundaram’s speech detailed his sexual pursuits during the last four years,” Sanchez continued, “and explicitly stated that his main goal throughout college was not academic or even athletic, but sexual: to get white women to sleep with brown men.”

Sanchez wrote:

“I have woken up at 5:00 in the morning nearly every day of my college career. I have pushed myself physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve success,” she said. “This night was supposed to be about me. About all of us.”

“Instead, it was a ‘locker room’: one that I was excluded from since I couldn’t get the joke,” she continued. “The ‘joke’ was never meant for me.”


You felt excluded???  Like when a university has events where white people aren’t invited?

How about this one, where only GAY colored people people of color are invited—>

The College Fix-

“We cordially invite all folks who self identify as Black/AfricanAmerican or of African Descent and as Same Gender Loving, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or somewhere on the LGBTQ Spectrum, to apply to attend,” it states.

White people are among groups not allowed at the event, according to organizers. A question under its FAQs page asks: “Can other people of color, white people and/or straight people attend?” It’s answered with a “no.”


Spare me, Sanchez. Sundaram learned his sexy talk and exclusionary ways through modern academics. He just put a slight unacceptable spin on it.

Had he been a gay tennis player and said, “my main goal in college was to lose my be-hyman to a sassy fierce black man, and… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!,” you would gyrated in your seat, squealing and clapping like a loon.


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10 Comments on College Student Removed From Tennis Team For Doing Exactly What the Left Does

  1. Tsk tsk tsk…Silly Minorities…

    when it comes to offending SJW’s

    All Men are White……I gotta go…Got George Zimmerman on the

    other line.

  2. Olivia is jealous that he never tried to bed her.

    This is the left eating the left. Chow down, kids! Enjoy the meal.

  3. What an idiotic rant by the portly Ms. Sanchez. The monologe was tacky, in poor taste, and offensive, but it was not “violent”, nor did it perpetuate a “rape culture” as she asserted. He was just saying that his goal was to “get white women to sleep with him” (like millions of other young men since the dawn of time), not “force women to have sex with (him)”. Consensual sex is not rape, but I’m guessing by looking at her, sex, consensual or otherwise was not a part of her college experience.

  4. Do they exclude White’s from meetings, because they would be Embarrased
    if we saw how they truly behave ?

  5. Attacking Starbucks, pregnant black women and now this?
    I think the SJW movement has achieved it’s Peter Principle.


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