College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest

“For a charge of wearing a mask?” said Thorne-Begland regarding the Halloween trial date. “That [date] is available.”



College Students Face Five Years In Prison For Wearing Masks At Confederate Protest

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  1. “I was wearing the mask to protect myself from people who I was told were filming and photographing us with the intent of doxxing us,” said Caroline Hill.

    FINE, sweet little miss Mind Reader!
    And MY mind reading tells me you and your cohorts INTENDED to cause violence, both personal and property.

    Really, folks. The law was there. There for reasons the State reasoned were good. They consciously chose to go against it, in the open. Live with the consequences and STFU…

    A brief note to the anarchists and libertarians out there who get their panties in a bunch that this is “too harsh”: pick a State to live in that suits your own wishes, and keep your rigid fantasy ideology out of *the real life* the rest of us live with.

  2. of course they thought the law didn’t apply to them.

    obama, clinton, lynch, holder, comey and rice just spent 8 years proving the law doesn’t apply to everyone equally.

  3. You see an armed masked mob while I see a target rich environment.

    I thought that I had heard the mask laws were originally intended to stop groups, KKK specifically, from operating anonymously.

  4. Five years? That’s harsh. All their buddies on the outside will be halfway to graduation by the time these Zero Zorros get out.

  5. Oh, fukkin PLEASE!

    Ryan wears a mask.
    McConnell wears a mask.
    Pelosi IS a mask.
    Obola wears a mask.
    Moose wears a mask.

    Hiding behind mendacious words, half-truths, outright lies and prevarications is A-OK, but trying to commit common vandalism with some semblance of anonymity can land you 5 years in the can?

    Cowards wear masks (which explains the ragheads, for instance). In every sense.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I only wear masks when there’s a red ball in my mouth.

    Sorry. Every thing that comes outta my mouth sounds gay. See! Even that. That’s what happens when your two Daddies name you “Dixon.” I didn’t have a prayer…

  7. I wonder why these self absorbed, selfie-taking, paid protesters DON’T want to be recognized. Hummm, could it be that they plan to violate the law with their actions and, therefore, don’t want to be held accountable?

    They have taken trolling on the internet into the real world, yet want to continue to be anonymous. At least they know that the real world is different than the play-world they created in their Moms basement.

    Now let them experience the real world of consequences – jail.

  8. They won’t have a day in jail (“if” convicted). The left takes care of their own in the two tiered social justice judicial system.

  9. And I was only carrying my colt 45 pistol into the bank because I thought that the tellers might want to molest me. Why they gave me all their money I don’t know!

  10. I could care less about these three pin heads… I want that jerk off that hit people in the head with a Bike ULock to go to prison. They say 7 people were victims of his assault. He was wearing a mask too. They better throw the book at him!

  11. Have you ever seen POLICE cover their faces and remove their name tags? Uh, I have. Do they have something to hide? Why are they anonymous? Will they get 5 years in prison for the KKK mask law?
    Draconian laws for people we don’t like, slap on the wrist for people we do.

    “Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?”–Ted Kennedy

  12. They won’t get 5 years for this. With luck they’ll get 90 days or something similar. What is important is that they get a criminal conviction on their record. That will stay with them forever and would serve as a warning to the others.

  13. If you wear a mask your more than likely going to break the law.
    Armed robbery requires a mask for a reason
    You can’t ID the actor

  14. Half Ass Patriot has a point, but it’s a bogus one. Look at the overtime records and all those cops are identifiable.

    The snowflake here at issue just don’t get Responsibility of Action. You can vote in private. You can rail and diatribe on social media under a fake user name.

    But if you leave your house, go into the public sphere corpus immedius to engage in political protest, we get to see your face. We shall know our accuser.

    Put on yer’ big girl panties, leave off the mask. Or stay home.

  15. What is this “fear of doxxing”? Is she actually saying she demands no repercussions from her public actions?

    That’s like telling your bank you are not responsible for writing checks on an empty account. They ain’t going for that shit either.

  16. Beat me to it, Lowell. Every cop is accounted for and accountable for their actions. To characterize them as the same is intellectually dishonest, ignoring the facts that prove otherwise.

    Fuck, HAP. Sometimes you just suck at this. I would have to get up from the bar and leave if you did this while we were out for a drink. Otherwise I might do something I’d regret.

    Maybe you should know your audience a little better. About a dozen former cops hang out here regularly. If not more.

  17. Recently there was an anti-fa event…..

    Where the police made the anti-fa unmask…..

    surprisingly there was no violence…..

    Who would have thought of that cure for anti-fa violence?


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