College Stupents (intentional spelling) Supporting Open Borders

Favorite youtube comments:


Wow. They need to sue their teachers for malpractice.
They think a wall is synonymous with “you’re not welcome here”. A wall simply means “you need to come to the front door, knock, and introduce yourself before you can enter our home”. This is why I voted for President Trump.
If you could listen to their brain, It would sound like a single marble rolling around inside of a tin can.
Thanks professors
“are you concerned about just anyone coming in and becoming a national security threat?” “no…I don’t think so,…if they come in and do thennnn….someone will take care of that….”

13 Comments on College Stupents (intentional spelling) Supporting Open Borders

  1. “Well, if they come in and there’s a problem, well we’ll take care of that.” Fucking brilliant. There won’t be much of a future in America with these fucking lamebrains. They seem to be a step lower than the demorats we have now. MAGA or DIE.

  2. Of course they would be the first ones to scream if a group of thugs came up to them and roughed them up and stole their little backpacks…

    Here’s a little brain-teaser for them –
    Disney World is geared for families and little kids.
    What do you think would happen if your parents sneaked you into Disney World?
    Is that OK?
    Well of course, they would be escorted out and picked up by the police, that’s what!
    Why is that fair?
    Why is that any different than sneaking into a football game or a movie?
    Why is that any different than our border?
    They all should have the same consequences.

  3. It appears that mans evolution has taken a u-turn. These students offspring will be knuckle draggers. {thats if they ever figure out just how having children is accomplished in the first place.}

  4. Doesn’t that just give you a warm feeling knowing that your lifetime of work and devotion to this country will be in good hands after you’re gone?

  5. Help yourself to their bag of pot.
    Declare that their baggie of pot represents American resources, and that you are an Illegal Immigrant and that the Baggie represents a racist border.
    They will become instant conservatives

  6. The amazing thing is how it is obvious that none of them ever gave the subject more than 2 minutes of thought, yet are all so proud of their opinions. This is what 20 years of participation trophys begat.

  7. All of the commenters were white. I guess you won’t mind when you are overlooked by a college because they choose to admit a DACA recipient and reject YOUR application, right?

  8. Mixing of cultures is a good thing. As long as whites don’t appropriate other cultures, and as long as white culture gets diluted in the process and others are help in high esteem.

    And never mind that most of the advances in civilization have come from white culture. But we will always have them, won’t we?


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