College tells students to stop using certain emojis to be more ‘inclusive’

WaEx: Colorado State University has a new social media guide which seeks to help campus groups become more inclusive through their use of emojis, pronouns, and more.

10 Ways to Make Your Social Media Channels More Inclusive” was developed by the university’s Inclusive Communications Task Force and touches on a number of “simple (and yet important) ways to make your social media channels inclusive.”

Points include using “inclusive pronouns (they/them/theirs, students, Rams, everyone)” as well as using “the yellow emojis when addressing a diverse audience” and avoiding “gendered emojis when possible,” instead encouraging students to use “one of the variations of the yellow smiley faces or object emojis.”  more

16 Comments on College tells students to stop using certain emojis to be more ‘inclusive’

  1. Students create code that changes what each emoji actually means. Furor over snowman emoji as symbol for white pride, big eyed emoji equates giant tits.

    Next crisis!

  2. If I was a student there, I would make it my life’s ambition to violate every single one of their “recommendations “.

  3. Oooo, Tony R! Such a rebel … I like!

    My personal favorite rebellion is to go in the out door.

    Not quite the same effect! hehe

  4. Why are these people picking on Asians with their continued use of yellow emojis? How can anyone use a smiley face when we know tens of thousands of Americans suffer from depression? Someone sent me an emoji of a barking dog – alert PETA stat. And as for the poop emoji, right now some people in San Francisco are agitating to take away the right of these fictional cartoon characters to exist in their native habitat of busy sidewalks.

    I don’t think anyone can rest until this crisis is over.

  5. In a world where “I feel that…” has replaced “I think that…” emojis make a kind of perverted sense. Yes, I understand that when communicating with the written word, you lose all the additional meaning conveyed nonverbally. The thousands of emojis don’t help much unless you immerse yourself in them and understand what they all, or most all, are supposed to make you feel. There are so many more valuable or at least interesting uses of my time…

    The inventor of emojis ought to be put through a mock trial and allowed only the use of emojis to plead that he not be ostracized and shunned for life.

  6. …..but the pile of shit emoji doesn’t come in yellow. What a quandary. It does appear to be gender neutral though.

  7. “one of the variations of the yellow smiley faces or object emojis.”

    Isn’t the little pile of crap emoji considered an “object emoji”?
    Isn’t it brown and features a face?
    Isn’t that “triggering”?

  8. They’re based on the original happy face which was yellow, had two little dots for eyes and a half circle for a smile. Is that racist, too?

    Why don’t they go bust ‘chelsea’ manning’s balls? He’s forever using them on twitter. Even when he pretended to try and kill himself standing on a ledge a few months ago. He was all 😪☔️☂️🌈🌪🌧🍭🥀. What the fuck is wrong with that guy!?


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