Collins Dictionary Unveils Their “Word of the Year”

How can a dictionary company not know the difference between one word and two words? I think they just wanted to virtue signal so bad they lost count.


The climate strike movement had a re-run this year after Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg held a sign saying “school strike for climate” in front of Sweden’s parliament. She also claimed she would not be going to school until Swedish politicians took action.

Then, students around the world began skipping school to demand government action on climate change. In September, millions participated in a global climate strike.

Collins Dictionary has picked its 2019’s term of the year, and it is none other than “climate strike” after it has been used for an estimated 100 times more this year than the previous.

According to the BBC, the phrase was first recorded four years ago when students went to protest over global warming instead of attending their classes. It was then officially registered in November 2015 during the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The full definition of the term reads “a form of protest in which people absent themselves from education or work in order to join demonstrations demanding action to counter climate change” from Collins.


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17 Comments on Collins Dictionary Unveils Their “Word of the Year”

  1. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone, but I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never heard those two words put together before.

  2. I find the Collins dictionary extremely dfficult to masturbate to so I’ll keep my sexy ass Merriam Webster next to the shitter.

    Thank you very little.

  3. Yeah lets all go along and follow the lead of simple minded easily manipulated teens who unlike past generations care more than we ever possibly could.

  4. Well, the schools don’t collect money when they skip out on the forced group think indoctrination, so I’m ok with it. But if they really cared shouldn’t they all be walking to school to save the planet?
    I’m thinking another day off from school work is the real draw here if they were honest. If they believe why does the left not live without modern stuff, go back 150 years? Oh that’s right it’s about everybody else.

  5. My word of the year is “fucktard.” I’ll use it in a sentence: “The number of fucktards in this country seems to be increasing geometrically. It’s getting so you can’t swing a dead tranny without hitting a fucktard.”

  6. Harper-Collins is a subsidiary of NewsCorp…think Rupert Murdoch. This makes it even more concerning.

    It also kinda explains the steady left swing of Fox News. I’m pretty sick of their schtick anyway, a tired old format that doesn’t actually inform you of anything. Rather it just keeps you all ginned up and pissed off. I think that’s the whole point of all of the ‘news’ networks.

    Non-binary is interesting in that it’s not new at all. It simply means more that two. It’s only when you apply it to sex that you become a total idiot. That’s my new litmus test for morons…if you think sex is ‘non-binary’, you’re an idiot.

  7. Webster’s 7th Collegiate, or the OED from 20 years ago.

    I don’t care about the rest. Except the OED from 20 years ago didn’t have “mommet”. That confused me for a bit. I found “mammet”, and it gave a subroutine stating “mommet” may be a differing spelling of “mammet”. But still no primary entry for “mommet” — which should have stated it was a differing spelling for “mammet” and with the same definition.

    Samuel Johnson would NOT have made this glaring error.

  8. Every time some Leftist fucktard is looking for my sympathy for their fake cause, I tell them my Sympathy is right there in the dictionary between Tough and Shit.


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