‘Collusion-gate’, The Turkey Is Coming Out Of The Oven

CFP: We should all brace ourselves for the coming unveiling of the Frankenstein that has morphed out of what is clearly now Robert Mueller’s ‘Collusion-gate.’ Approaching $20 million and two years in the making, the ongoing and now deafening drum roll for that debut is ever-fluctuating between “… what now?” and “Enough already!” The occasional estimated arrival announcements of this shuck have worn everybody out. In its completely stupid and desperate beginning, a cocky Barack stepped up to the microphone and relegated Hillary’s loss entirely to Russian interference. The cat that jumped out of the bag he’d opened looked around and was visibly wondering what was expected of him. Because there just ain’t no such animal as ‘Russian collusion’.


Along the way, we have seen that both the DNC and their partnering henchmen, the liberal media,  have milked this mess as their ‘old reliable’ grindhouse source of column inches and broadcast filler. It has been job security for a busload of attorneys, a devastating wrecking ball for a half-dozen middlemen who stood too close to the fire. It has provided a job – effectively a nice pension – for Robert Mueller III, as well as returning some grief to Trump for denying Mueller the head seat at the FBI. And it has been fodder for a fan club of Facebook-based liberal crusaders to churn out more silly memes.

Robert Mueller is supposed to be a prosecutor. He is supposedly investigating this Russian absurdity in order to try to bring credible accusations before a grand jury. The bulk of brainless lefties I’ve spoken with believe that the produce of Mueller’s vicious snooping will automatically spell defeat and doom for our president. And of course it doesn’t work that way at all. But what it will spell is a subsequent controversy that will be just as staged (and expensive) as was the investigation that ensued from Obama’s and Hillary’s smoke and mirrors Russian collusion (aren’t you SICK of that word?!) lie. And that is just fine with the authors of this nonsense, because all they want is more distraction and ongoing controversy, so at least, as 2020 approaches, the ‘big six’ liberal media machine can challenge the American public with, “Do we even want to consider putting up with another four years of an inept man whose first term was so fraught with controversy?”  more

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  1. Prepare yourself for the great unveiling all you want.
    Hair M’you-air-lair is going to be revealed to be
    the criminal political jerk that he is.

    Regardless what the fanatical publicity pretends to be,
    watch how it eventually plays out.

    Trump will be vindicated

    That is, of course, if you can think for yourself

    The MSM will try to portray the exact opposite.

  2. What Mueller is doing is conducting a fake investigation for the primary purpose of diverting from and covering up malfeasance perpetrated by the Obama administration, notably widespread misuse of our intelligence agencies to spy on people for years, culminating in a ramp-up of this on behalf of (and in part engineered by) the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  3. What was the cost? $20 million for the investigation? If they say it’s $20 million then they’re only admitting to the lower end of the estimation. I’d like to see the books on that.

    There’s a handful of people who made serious cash from this nothingburger.

  4. I don’t think we’ll ever know who really gave Obi Won Kanobi the plans for the death star – I think it was Darth Vadar all along – he benefited by keeping busy and out of the emperor’s way.

  5. …you missed one thing about the benefits this brings to the Democrats despite it being a complete falsehood. Maybe the most IMPORTANT thing.

    It allows them to collect and destroy evidence of treason against THEMSELVES.

    It is well known that, from the Steele Dossier to Uranium One, that DEMOCRATS have been colluding with Russians to weaken our Country and give an enemy strategic assets for political gain. Muller was HEAVILY involved in this, even facilitating this, so he perhaps more than ANYONE has a stake in never letting it come to light.

    That’s where the genius of the “Russian Collusion” investigation comes in.

    Alinsky principle #1 is to accuse your enemy of what you, YOURSELF, are doing, to cause confusion and cloud your OWN actions. By saying that the incoming POTUS may owe his position to some nebulous “Russian” connection gives Muller dibs on ANYTHING that mentions Russians, and Carte Blanche to use the full force of a militarized Fed to seize documents that may expose HIM from WHEREVER they may be, from the National Archives to the President’s own lawyer’s office. Any attempt to get them via FOIA request, Congressional investigation, or plain old discovery is met with pompous statements about “national security” and heavy redactions, and individuals who continue to pursue it may be investigated THEMSELVES.

    And from a crowd that destroys subpoenaed documents and smashes cell phones with impunity, do you think these documents will continue to exist once found?

    Challenges to Muller or any attempt to officially get documents from him or even stop him from destroying evidence himself are met with cries of obstruction, unconstitutional “Muller Protection” bills from Congress, and calls for impeachment.

    Muller must laugh his ASS off EVERY DAY that he goes to “work”.

    Make no mistake, they are pleased as Punch to use this to hamstring the Trump Presidency. And if they DO manage to remove him from office they WILL celebrate heartily, at least until the Civil War starts. but the REAL purpose of this has been to collect and destroy the traces of their OWN treason, and it’s working like a TREAT.

    And that is why there will be no justice.

    Unless the People, themselves, exact it, that is…


  6. Investigation started based on a dossier paid for with campaign funds illegally funnelled through Perkins Coie.

    The irony is schadenfreudelicious.


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