Colorado 303 Creations Web Designer Petitions Supreme Court Over Compelled Speech

Townhall: Yet another case of artistic freedom is arising out of Colorado. In this instance it’s website designer Lorie Smith of 303 Creative. On Friday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to take up her case after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled against her in a 2-1 decision

Smith serves all people, including those who identify as LGBT, but she is against being compelled to create websites and graphics that would go against her religious beliefs, such as supporting a same-sex wedding. Further, she cannot even make clear on her website that she is only willing to create websites consistent with her beliefs. 

In their petition to the Supreme Court, as well as in a Friday press release, ADF frequently references the dissenting opinion in that 10th Circuit decision, from Chief Judge Timothy Tymkovich. The judge called the decision “unprecedented” and “staggering” in scope.  more

9 Comments on Colorado 303 Creations Web Designer Petitions Supreme Court Over Compelled Speech

  1. We need to find some LGBT assholes that crate websites.
    Have them make make a site with MAGA, Confederate flags, USA flags, Christian symbols, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, etc.

    Shove their bullshit straight up their asses!

  2. HEY. BFH,

    Nice BS Hawilli ads that move and cover half the story and the “more” link.

    Please include the “more” link in a couple places, maybe at the beginning and the end?

  3. There is no freedom, artistic or otherwise, in the Liberal community. Itz “My Way or Fuck You” in their tiny minds! They have to convince everybody that they are right in the process of convincing themselves they are right!!

  4. Don’t the lgbt mafia have web developers and web artists among them?
    Go find one of them to serve you, leave people alone.
    These same clowns have no problem rejecting service to the unvaccinated, the Republicans, Christians, males, but you can’t say I can’t go against my conscious and belief and give you something I consider as a sin and wrong.

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