Colorado Could Go Single Payer

With the rapid escalation of premiums and the demise of the ObamaCare Co-op, voters in Colorado are going to have an opportunity to vote on a new ballot measure to replace ObamaCare with ColoradoCare, a single payer Medicare-based scheme.


 “To finance it, the initiative would impose a new 10% payroll tax…”


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  1. CO had a chance last election to make Tom Tancredo the Gov-it was close but he was mercilessly vilified by the Post and lost to the far left Hinkenlooper. He would have been the most conservative Gov in the country with solid principles and ideas to run the state.

    I read so much bullshit about how CO was one of the most business friendly states yet I sure was having a hard time-180 degrees difference here in w Texas. The current boom in Denver is being fueled by another fucking real estate balloon and the rural part of the state is lagging. I’ve told my friends there who’ve watched their home values soar, to sell now and bank.

    I wouldn’t put it past the lo-fos to pass this idiocy. Gee yathink an ADDITIONAL 10% payroll tax will hurt those business friendly ratings? The state ALREADY uses 25% of the budget for Medicare and they’re going to take another $25 BILLION out of the private sector.

    Especially when they’ve lost over $70 Million fucking with ObamaCare.

    Glad I moved although I gotta get back this winter for some boarding.

  2. Another “your life will be enhanced if you will empower us to take more financial resources away from you” scheme?

    They must be hitting the sticky-bud again.

  3. The article mentioned Vermont. I have a friend up there suffering with a medical problem and she cannot get a timely appointment for an MRI. She is coming down to Florida for medical care.

  4. I just got my latest health insurance premium increase notice. Since the democrats shoved Obamacare down the nation’s throat, my premiums have increased 227%. My “bronze” plan will now cost just under $7000 per year. To say that I’m pissed at leftists is an understatement. Most of them deserve to be tied to a post and shot.

  5. MM, I hear you. Speaking as someone who lives in Douglas County this is just another attempt to mobilize the stoner brigade to come out in mass, like they did in 2012, to vote Hillary.

    Where did you move to? I left MN 18 years ago and by God I won’t go back to the Peoples Republic of MN.

  6. “… deserve to be tied to a post and shot …”

    We rarely get what we deserve, and in my case, that’s certainly a good thing, but don’t rush it – nail em to a plank and let nature take its course – couple of days, but they’ll appreciate your point of view a lot more.

  7. An increase of 227%!!!? OMG! Yet these same mentally ill libs cannot connect the dots to see that the larger the government, the less efficient and more expensive. My condolences on living there.

  8. I wonder if the illegal alien invading rat-people got their notices of premium increase?

    Or the parasitic urban ferals?

  9. I am not on an exchange and didn’t mean to imply that I’m in Colorado. I have an individual insurance plan, but I’m not trusting enough to get insurance from a communist (government) exchange that was designed to fail. I liked my previous insurance plan, but I was in the first round of cancellations. I was just venting, because I got notice of my increase yesterday. Damn the democrats to hell as well as the worthless establishment republicans who promised to repeal Obamacare while campaigning but have done nothing now that they’re in office.

  10. The health insurance corporations are not going to like this. Not at all.

    They are quite happy with Obamacare – aka the ‘Health Insurance Corporation Profit Protection Act.’

  11. Does the 10% payroll tax also apply to welfare benefits? It should, since many of those on welfare make more than the poor working stiff. Watch the stoners pass this. Colorado sounds like it’s on its way to becoming like California.

  12. I have dealer in Midland that was selling my work and suggested I could really do well if I moved here. I saw a lot of commercial development, $100+ oil and real honest to goodness disposable income.

    So I moved and have been swamped since I came here.

    And oil went to the low 40s!

    It’s like the rest of the country used to be here. If you’re not working it’s because you don’t want to-Midland has about the lowest unemployment in the country.

    But man, after 40 years in CO, it sure is flat here.

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