Colorado Dem Accused of Using Women’s Restroom to Step Down

Breitbart: A Democrat in Colorado’s state legislature accused by his female colleagues of frequenting the women’s restroom while at work in the statehouse is stepping down from his position.

Colorado Democrats confirmed Wednesday that state Sen. Daniel Kagan would be departing the Colorado legislature on January 11, right after Democrats take control the Colorado Senate for the start of the next term.

“It’s been a great honor to serve the people of Colorado for just short of a decade,” Kagan said in a statement. “An important obligation of leaders, I believe, is to be open to acknowledging that it’s time to pass the torch to new leadership and, for me, that time is now.”

The Democrat lawmaker did not address the reason for his departure after serving two years of his four-year term in his statement.

Female state Senate Republican lawmakers, including state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik, claimed they witnessed Kagan entering the women’s restroom on multiple occasions since January 2017. more here

8 Comments on Colorado Dem Accused of Using Women’s Restroom to Step Down

  1. I’d have thought he’d be celebrated for his courage with people everywhere (CO) standing up for his right to use whatever restroom he felt most comfortable using.

  2. “His mistake was not putting on a dress and heels first.”

    …but…but…but…what if he identifies as a female who IDENTIFIES as a male? Or maybe he identifies as a CROSS-DRESSING female?

    …so many choices when you’re a the REAL reason was that he was a White Guy, and THEY aren’t welcome anywhere, anytime, for any reason in Demoland…

  3. …you know, all this PC stuff is just like the invention of “etiquette”, which was designed to keep people too exhausted to rebel against authority by giving them a bunch of stupid rules to follow to distract them.

    With that in mind, we should worry LESS about the dude in the woman’s room, and MORE about THIS phrase from the same story;

    “…right after Democrats take control the Colorado Senate…”

    THAT is what they DON’T want us to think about. All the other PC junk is just the magician’s hand, waving his wand around his helper’s cleavage while he uses the one we AREN’T looking at to fool you while you aren’t looking.

    And it’s worked like a TREAT. HOW many elections have they stolen? HOW many of them are not even investigated for obvious crimes? HOW have they taken away your rights TODAY? You’ll never know if they can keep you talking about the absurd bathroom habits of a vanishingly small subset of perverts…

  4. @ Supernightshade-no need for voter fraud in CO, it’s flipped. They just elected a homo Gov who is even further left than Hickenlooper was.


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