Colorado DOT Hacked, Ransom Demanded

TRUCKERS REPORT- Colorado Department of Transportation has confirmed reports that more than 2,000 employee computers have been taken offline after hackers gained access to CDOT’s system and encrypted their files, demanding ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to get them unlocked again.

On Wednesday morning, CDOT employees went back to working with pen and paper – at least for now. All computers have been shut down while security officials from the state’s Office of Information Technology and the FBI investigate the attack.

According to Brandi Simmons, a spokesperson for the OIT, the code used is a variant of the ransomware known as SamSam which was used on multiple targets recently, including the Hancock Regional Hospital which reportedly paid $45,000 to have its files unlocked. MORE

16 Comments on Colorado DOT Hacked, Ransom Demanded

  1. Oh No !
    The FBI is going to investigate.
    I’m sure they’ll get to the perpetrators in a decade or two, but all the files will be redacted to protect the guilty.

  2. How long before we learn from sources close to the matter that Russians are behind it?

    No way it could be the Chinese, right? They’ve never done anything like that.

    Straining at the gnat, and swallowing the camel. All in service of the narrative. This must be a good time to be a Chinese hacker; all of the game, none of the blame, at least in the media and deep state.

  3. Meanwhile, the citizens of CO notice no difference in response from the CDOT. Just as slow and inefficient as usual.

  4. Just drive on any CDOT road in CO – they haven’t done anything to keep up with growth, the roads are disastrously maintained, overcrowded and their solution has been to raise the min persons from 2 to 3 in carpool lanes making them impossible to use without forking over high fees along with making all new roads toll roads, roads which are already paid for with taxpayer dollars so this is actually a second hit. Meanwhile they spend millions on new facilities for themselves around town. Nothing could get worse taking these guys off line. Clearly they didn’t spend much time or effort to protect their data.

  5. @Anonymous-it’s that way everywhere. Any government state, local, federal is over-burdened, only with increasing their own footprint on the taxpayer’s back.

    They are all enriching and then isolating themselves from the people they are supposed to serve.

    Look at congress. How does Nancy Pelosi get to be the richest woman in congress? Not because she’s nice or sensible, or gets bonuses from taxpayers for a job well done.

    The corrupted government swamp has permeated America and is damn upset that President Trump is helping them expose themselves. Finally, a president that isn’t owned by the swamp and they are doing everything, including witchcraft, to stop him.


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