Colorado GOP Delays With 2,000 Page Bill Reading, Democrats Use Computers to Speed Read

WFB: Colorado Republicans made an attempt to delay the speedy movement of a sweeping oil and gas industry regulation bill by requesting the reading of an unrelated 2,000 page bill on the Senate floor.

The oil and gas billSenate Bill 19-181, would change the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission’s mission to prioritize health and safety over development, and would give local governments more authority to regulate drilling.

Senator John Cooke, R-Greeley, requested that House Bill 19-1172, which looks to re-codify statutes related to professions and occupations, be read in full on the Senate floor Monday as a way to stall the oil and gas bill.

Colorado’s constitution does not allow for the filibuster, so Republicans believed reading HB 19-1172 in full was a tool they could use to delay the oil and gas bill. The minority party has grown increasingly frustrated over how fast the legislation has been moving and are concerned that all stakeholders weren’t brought to the table when the bill was drafted.

It was estimated that the bill reading could take several days, but Democrats found a way to speed up the reading by using several computers to finish it. The computers helped to finish the reading in under eight hours.

The Senate Republicans said in a tweet there were five computers reading 650 words per-minute, saying it was “a clear violation of the spirit of the Colorado Constitution and the rules of the Senate. No human can understand this.”

“Repeated efforts to get Democrats in the General Assembly to slow down and appropriately vet, debate, and discuss these massive pieces of legislation that threaten billions in state revenue, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the Colorado way of life have fallen on deaf ears,” Republican leadership said in a statement.  read more

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  1. All those stoners don’t have a clue what is about to happen to their rocky mountain high! Keep toking, they’re counting on it.

  2. Ignoring for the moment the length of time it took, I doubt reading the HB 19-1172 bill at a normal rate would have made it less gobbledygook.

  3. In what sense does a computer “reading” a text amount to reading a text? Doesn’t reading require cognitive processing?


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