Colorado’s ‘Mad Pooper’ May Be A Brain-Damaged Trans

Daily Caller:

Hey, I’m not the one saying it. I’m just passing it along.

You may have heard about the “mad pooper” in Colorado who’s been spotted taking dumps on people’s lawns. Without cleaning it up! Well, the story gets even weirder.

Emily Crane,

A jogger dubbed the ‘mad pooper’ after she was busted defecating on front lawns in a Colorado neighborhood is not at fault because she suffered a traumatic brain injury from gender reassignment surgery, according to her mysterious spokesman.  MORE

Charmin’s involvement with this last week went under the radar-


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  1. The science deniers refuse to acknowledge well researched reports and common sense observations that people who think they were born in the wrong body are as mentally ill as those who look at their emaciated, near death bodies in the mirror and think they’re too fat.

    Here’s a link to a definitive report by Johns Hopkins experts:

  2. According to their website, Charmin is trying to get the “Mad Pooper” to turn herself in.

    So now Charmin’s squeezing people.


  3. Shit, if a serial shitter was crapping in my yard or neighborhood I would be out there with flyers. How far can a diarrhea laden tranny with brain damage be running?

  4. A man who recently had a sex-change operation was talking to his former
    buddies at work about the operation.
    “Was it painful?” someone asked.
    “Well,”she said.
    “There was one part that was extremely painful.”
    “I bet I know what
    part was so painful,” someone else said.
    “I bet it was when they cut off your
    balls,” they said.
    “No,” she said.
    “I was heavily sedated and didn’t feel a
    “Then it must have been when they cut off your pecker,” another
    person offered.
    “No,” she said.
    “I was sedated then too, and didn’t feel
    “Then what part of the operation was so painful?”
    They wanted to
    “Well,” she said.
    “After they were done cutting, they drilled a hole in my skull and sucked out half of my brains.”


    And of course, if you don’t buy it, there is something wrong with YOU. I can hear it now,

    “Why do you hate trans-people? Why are you not sympathetic? Are you perfect?”

    and before you know it, John McCain will be volunteering to follower her around with both hands palms-up to show Republicans aren’t bigots.

  6. These sickos DEMAND “someone else” pick up the tab for their own body mutilation, then turn around and claim they’re not responsible for their demented, degenerate actions.

    This game is SO over.

  7. Oh come ON! The so-called spokesman is trolling everyone!Her name is Shirley? This is right out of the Leslie Neilsen playbook!Masterful! Just wait and see!

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