Columbia Prof Who Fled Communism Resigns- Claims School is Becoming Communist

College Fix: A Romania-born academic says he recently left his tenured position at Columbia University because the Ivy League school is “on its way toward full blown communism,” according to a Romanian TV interview translated by a Romanian-American immigrant.

Prof. Andrei Serban, an award-winning director, complained about the increasing social justice demands he faced in the theater department in the interview, which aired on Romania’s TVR1 Oct. 26. One prominent example he gave: pressure to admit a transgender applicant who auditioned as Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet.”

Andy Ionescu, a native Romianian speaker who immigrated to the United States in 1999, told The College Fix in a Twitter message that he translated the interview.

He said it was likely the first time that Serban made his resignation publicly known. Columbia still lists Serban as an active professor. Media relations did not respond to an email from The Fix, and Serban’s department did not return a voicemail. Serban did not respond to an email. read more

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  1. Columbia is on 110th st and Broadway. I went to City College twenty blocks north, got my degree there.

    Went back into construction for a year (I graduated during a minor recession), then got a job, worked a couple of years and thought maybe I’d want a degree in Historical Preservation at Columbia. I got in then I figured out after a month and a half “what the fuck am I doing here?”

    I don’t need this, I don’t want to be in serious debt and there are white guilty fucking liberal (and elitist minorities) assholes all over the place.

    You see at least the minority liberal and leftist students that were at CCNY, I knew where they came from and they knew where I came from. Mostly from the outer boroughs. The professors had the same attitudes, SOCIALISTIC

    That was a great interview but does not surprise me in the least unfortunately.

    Oh he was wrong about pinning this on Trump,
    @0:36, this has been going on LONG before this POTUS, it’s been going on since the protests there in 1968.

    Columbia is a McKim Mead and ‘White’ planned campus, ha ha, so they can eff off. All the architecture and sculpture is done by old dead white guys.

    But remember this is only one of many a morally corrupted institutions throughout the States.

    That was my own little war/battle that I escaped from…

    Me and the mrs Ghost are going to a American Legion dinner dance right now.

  2. Sickening and Sad…..this country has been infiltrated by commie, liberal, numb-minded KOCK SUCKERS that are MORE than willing to ‘tow-the-line’ for those that egregiously and continuously design to completely DESTROY America.

    I’m guessing the Second Civil War will be shorter than the First!

  3. As someone who used to listen to the propaganda from Radio Moscow Radio Havana and Radio Bejing (now PRC), I have likened what is going on in our Media today to Soviet propaganda… just more professional and polished, but make no mistake about it, its propaganda all the same. If yer under the age of 40 you probably have no clue about what I’m talking about cuz you never heard it in the first place!
    Listening to it in the 70s was actually funny, but hearing the stuff today, knowing that it is pushing a Leftist agenda is scary because there are so many useful idiots that just don’t know the difference and nobody’s cluing them in!!

  4. i graduated from columbia business school in 1990, and they were well down the path of social justice then! the actual business professors were great – but in order to graduate we had to take a couple of sketchy classes like ‘communications’ and ‘interpersonal relations’. Those professors, in my case all minority women, were nutso! I tried to push back at first, but learned that life was much easier when I gritted my teeth and didn’t say anything.

  5. According to Wikipedia, the (commie) Frankfurt School which fled the Nazis settled at Columbia University in 1935. This is kind of old news.

  6. I had an English Prof at Univ of Richmond who was Orthodox Jew and a rabid Leftist. I never figured out how she could reconcile the two.

    But I had buddies in my class from Bermuda and they spelled words with the Kings English. “Honour”, “labour”, etc. The dumb bint marked down their shit for wrong spelling. When they pointed out her mistake she doubled down on Dumb.

  7. A friend’s son just started going there, he seems pretty concerned his son will come out screwed up, but the boy was offered a scholarship, and he’s excited to be in the big city.

    However, I take every opportunity to remind his dear ole dad of things like, the Frankfurt School being there, and Beto being an alumni. Barry Obama claims it too, but there is little evidence to support he actually studied there. Maybe he only claimed it to increase his leftist street cred.


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