Column: In Rush To Grab Guns, Black Lives Matter Feels Forgotten


This opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune, by Contact Reporter Dahleen Glanton, hit the aggrieved trifecta today:

School shooting survivors heroic for advocating for Gun Control – Check

Comparison to Freedom Riders before Black History Month runs out – Check

Black Lives Matter is relevant because the nation doesn’t appear to value black lives – Check

“But shouldn’t we also pay attention when young people express their pain and frustration over the violent killings of unarmed African-American children and adults at the hands of unscrupulous police officers?”  And check, again.  Read it Here




18 Comments on Column: In Rush To Grab Guns, Black Lives Matter Feels Forgotten

  1. That Hogg brat is telling people to get rid of their FED EX stock. It’s up today. FedEx is keeping its discount for NRA members.

  2. The black author thinks black lives are marginalized and mainstream doesn’t think black lives matter.
    Not all TV channels are BET. But she has to realize that as a minority not everything can be dedicated to her race, but rather a minority portion.
    But she doesn’t realize. Nor does she realize black lives are marginalized by the same people she votes for. Or does she? The narrative falls apart when the machine stops chasing its tail in some charade of bleeding heart pansies. She and her ilk want to be slaved, specifically by authority (whitey, cops), there is no other explanation.

  3. Is it really the time to whine about police killing black kids when four sheriffs just stood outside while school kids were slaughtered?

  4. CNN and that Hogg kid are using their white privilege to profit from the deaths of innocents in a way that the Black Lives Matter crowd never could. Not unlike the CNN town hall where that white kid talked down to Marco Rubio. Does he talk that way to all minorities or just the Hispanics?
    See how this works?

  5. Plain Jane February 26, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    oops, I posted in wrong thread BECAUSE, I didn’t scroll down and see the Fed EX thread. Sorry, I dumb.

    The 10 TUs that post got (at time of my post) says you aren’t that dumb. 😉

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