Combating Value-Neutrality and Creating Classrooms of Character

Daily Signal:

Louisville, Kentucky, public school teacher Paul Barnwell was distressed by his 11th-grade students’ response to this hypothetical moral quandary: “If your significant other commits a felony where people are gravely injured, do you report them to the police?”

To his dismay, the students resoundingly responded “No!”

His students’ reaction made Barnwell recognize the absence of moral instruction and character development in district schools. read more

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  1. I guess everybody else isn’t significant to them? Without God in school other people aren’t important. Laws are only there so you can sue people and make money. The left owns this.

  2. Louisville public school, hummm, the demographics of Louisville make this doubly disturbing.
    I would expect this in Detroit, Louisville, not so much.
    Morals are taught in the home, not school. Schools are now a taxpayer funded indoctrination center, no longer schools. If you send your kids to public schools it’s akin to child abuse.
    The best education other peoples money can buy.

  3. Not remotely suprised by this.

    From years of professional experience, I can assure you that “snitches get stitches” is a law which has spread FAR outside of prison and the ghetto and now crosses all demographics.

    The only sense of justice that young people often display is when they are personally offended, or imagine themselves to be, or a member of whatever tribe they identify with. Often, you can imagine, over over the smallest slights, accidents, or misunderstandings.

    Conversely, many are sociopathic where the suffering of others is involved. Many just don’t care and can’t fathom why they should. “It ain’t me” is the extent of their empathy as they keep on walking. Pointing and laughing is very much a thing, too, as is filming another’s suffering rather than helping to alleviate it.

    There are exceptions. But rarely will many of them act, not even anonymously, for fear of someone, anyone, retaliating just on principle of SGS if not on relationship.

    The future is dark and getting darker. But then, God said it would before the avenging Son returns.

  4. I totally agree, NO!

    I’m not turning over a loved one to the meat-grinder known as The State, then have them thrown into the medieval torture system known as prison. Screw them! What good does that do me? I have a feather in my cap as a moral songbird? While my lover is getting sexually molested every night? How is what they have done any worse than what The State will do to them?

    Nah, they probably had a good reason to give those scumbags some street justice, and would never turn them over to our oppressors for further punishment.

    Nice try government! But we won’t be making it easy for you.

  5. Isn’t value neutrality when some jackasses claims to believe that two cultures or communities are of equal value? Or we should pretend they are of equal value.
    Example — Community A : zero crime, clean streets, pleasant neighbors = Community B: high crime rate, drive by shootings, people crapping on public streets and in entrances to businesses. A crap-hole.

    I think I can correctly guess what kind of fool thought up that idea.

  6. The public school systems need a major overhaul and Betsy DeVos continues nibbling around the edges.

    How many people realize that Bill Ayers plays a major role in what goes into school books that are printed and distributed across the nation?
    He remains having more of an impact on our schools than the head of the DOE. It’s a disgrace.

  7. It will take a complete national collapse, a reset back to the 1800s, for public schools to be effectively undone. Minor changes here and there, cosmetically? Yeah, but the structure has and will remain intact come what may.

    There’s too much money tied to it on both sides of the aisle for it ever to substantially be touched, and too many pfarents (fake parents…people who never had any business having children) rely on it for 12+ years of daycare.

    Too many people have too much invested in it, and I don’t mean just teachers and administrators. It is truly an untouchable sacred cow.

  8. In the words of Pelosi, “I myself am not a lawyer” but isn’t that why spouses are not obligated to testify against each other? Isn’t that the same idea?

  9. Remarkably close to the Communist system of having neighbors report on neighbors to keep everybody in line! They wouldn’t teach that in public school now would they… s/

  10. Hypothetical questions aren’t good examples. The question should have specified the motive for the felony, and the felony itself. That allows a moral judgement to be applied. For example:

    “Your significant other is attacked by a mob of 6 people. He/She shoots all 6 and kill 5, leaving the 6th criticallly wounded. He/She escapes detection by police. Do you turn them in?”

    This question provides possible motive (self-defense) as well as a description of the “crime”.

    Another way to phrase the question might be to change the first sentence to “your significant other shoots 6 random people because they are Jews”. You can see the motive is very different, and the moral choice flipped.

    We are fast approaching a time when choices like this may be common. Get your house in order.


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