Comcast Says It Will Fix ‘Technical’ Glitch that Halted Laura Loomer Emails

“Upon further investigation, Lois Frankel is one of only 31 members of Congress that has stock in Comcast. For the last four terms that Lois Frankel has been in Congress, Comcast has also donated to her campaign,” Loomer claimed.

Breitbart: Congressional candidate Laura Loomer claimed on Monday that Comcast Xfinity has banned her campaign from sending fundraising emails and text messages. After being contacted by Breitbart News, Comcast claimed that it was working with Loomer to resolve the issue with a ‘technical fix.’

In a video shared on social media on Monday evening, Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer of Palm Beach County, Florida, claimed that Comcast Xfinity had banned her from sending campaign emails and text messages.

“In an incredible turn of events, Comcast Xfinity just banned my campaign from sending out fundraising emails and text messages. Comcast here in Palm Beach County is one of the only internet service providers and sometimes the only one you have available,” Loomer claimed.

“As the Republican frontrunner in my congressional race, I have now been banned. We are getting messages from Comcast saying that my messages are being undelivered because it is ‘dangerous content,’” Loomer added. more

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  1. Laura is one person TPTB do not want in Congress. I have high hopes for her should she win and it’s looking good. 30 or 40 like her with Jim Jordan as Speaker would be a great 1st step.

    Too bad the Senate is fucking hopeless. Almost everyone of them are bought and paid for. Fucking scum. Both sides, scum. Talk about taxation without representation, that’s what almost everyone in this country has with these self serving pricks.

    Want to hear something quaint? When was the last time you saw a budget passed? And now even those CRs(continuing resolutions) are a thing of the past as it’s all “Covid Relief” Fucking trillions of fairy dust money being helicoptered into our economy. We went from a $21T deficit to close to $30T in less than a year!!!

    It’s going to be unreal when it unravels. And it’ll happen real quick.

  2. Something else noticed.
    Using a direct Coma-Cast Internet Access point last week I noted several of my regular Conservative Blog sites failing to load and presenting 403, 404 & 503 errors and etc.

    However, switching to my VPN App system, or using TOR/FF that takes me out of Comcast’s point to point access control. The same sites (still having direct Coma-Cast problems) would instantly load and display w/o issue?????

    So go figure Coma-Cast from my location to Coma-cast area hub in Atlanta to 6 different Conservative Blogs failed. But a PC using Tor/FF connected to the Netherlands and loading back to the USA would work once my ISP was out of the direct control loop?

  3. Kinda funny that the Federal Agencies responsible for protecting America from crimes like these are never investigating, isn’t it?
    Where’s the FBI?
    Where’s the FEC?
    There isn’t ANY Federal Agency looking into corruption?

    Wobbles the mind! We have toilet police, light bulb police, water police, snail darter police, bird feather police, litter police, transit police, pecker checkers, mask police – but NO ONE looking into the rampant and obvious corruptions that are seething in DC?

    Must be an oversight …

    izlamo delenda est …


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