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Come Election Day, You Know What To Do


I’ve been saving this one for the right occasion and today seems as good a day as any. 


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  1. I’m wondering- do we even have a “president” currently? He’s been MIA on a lot of issues lately. What golf course has he been hiding out on?

  2. What happens when the Clinton foundation loses its tax exempt status? Will all of the contributors, like Coke, be required to pay income tax on their previously exempt payments?

  3. Obama is like the rest of the cockroaches that surround HRC, RUN, SCATTER at the first light of ‘oh siht another scandal!’ He’s hopefully shaking in his pants, using all the intimadation he can, to suppress his complicity.

  4. So, does Hillary have brown eyes or blue eyes? I’m watching Hillary’s America right now and she had brown eyes when she started out in politics. Now, it seems, she has blue eyes. I guess when you’re a liar you lie about everything.

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