“Come On, Maaan…” He needs you on his team!

Team Biden needs you! Even 0bama’s finally on the bandwagon.

Look how excited he is!


Dianny over at Patriot Retort has some great ones.

13 Comments on “Come On, Maaan…” He needs you on his team!

  1. The only team for that pedophile I want to be on is his burial detail. Will give me a chance to empty my bladder on him before they shovel the dirt back in.

  2. I read this on Patriot Report this morning. I went way out of my comfort zone and followed the link and uploaded a picture of Corn Pops cereal!! I was so pleased with myself. If anyone on twitter sees it, let me know LOL

  3. Don’t under estimate the enemy. Voter fraud and ballot harvesting will make this the most crooked election in history.

  4. Jeffrey Epstein……

    The cofounder of the “Sniff, Grope, and Finger Club”…

    BTW……Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  5. …..or take all those pictures of Creepy Uncle Joe groping all those women and little girls…..

    and use them.

  6. I don’t see Obama’s pet fly on his cheek there – did it find a better quality pile of shit to land on?


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