Comedian Bill Murray Shocks Democrats with Truth Bomb

The Lid: Oh boy. I bet there are a lot of Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live (and a million other movies/shows), that are really unhappy today. This past week one of the greatest comedians of the last half-century, Bill Murray, sat down for an interesting and honest interview on CNBC.

During the interview, Murray relayed the thoughts of one of his conservative friends who explained to the comedian why he simply cannot stand Democrat politics.

Now, Murray is not generally someone who sides with conservative politicians but he seems to agree with his friend that today’s Democrat Party leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s what the funnyman had to say:

14 Comments on Comedian Bill Murray Shocks Democrats with Truth Bomb

  1. When your party is a coalition of competing parasites that’s how you have to play the game. Democrats are boxed in by their own strategy. They’ve already disowned the white middle class.

  2. Met this goof ball at a River Dogs game years ago.Got to know him over the years. Never talked about politics, usually about booze,girls and boats. Took him for a ride in the race boat one time,one time only.He screams like a bitch at about 120 or so. Bout the only thing I miss from Charleston.

  3. Nothing profound here. Just a small snippet of truth from another moronic person whose mind is trying to grapple with contradictions because he has no philosophic base from which draw correct conclusions.

  4. DemOrats represent libtards,progtards,commies,
    socialists,traitors,illegal invader aliens,sodomites,
    feminazis,welfare parasites,the muzz.The rest of us can get back to F***ing work tax slave !

  5. Progtard or not, I would love to party with Bill Murray. The laughs would be incredible. I’m still “young” enough to do it… are you, Bill?


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