Comey in the Drapes

Sites are reporting that 6′ 8″ Comey tried to blend in with the drapes so that Trump wouldn’t see him.  We know that was just plain stupid.  He should have come dressed as a recliner like the FBI chief in Spy Hard ( – -Page O Turner


Report- Comey once changed his suit color to match the drapes at a party in hopes he would blend in and not be seen by Trump.


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  1. Can this soap opera get any more ridiculous?
    Sadly, the answer to that question was revealed when we started hearing about how many scoops of ice cream everyone got

  2. This fruitcake’s twitter feed is a riot. After “outing” himself as the source of the
    NYT Comey/dinner memo, he tweeted, “in honor of Jim Comey, I’m now going dark”.
    30 minutes later he’s furiously tweeting (mostly a convo to himself)
    Quite convenient, Comey goes silent as he will be a witness in the Mueller investigation, and this tool is his unofficial mouthpiece.
    IF there’s a leak investigation, NitWittes will be Exhibit A.

  3. It was just a cute number he saw in the window and just had to have.

    What a gazoo. (yes, gazoo)

  4. Excellent image, Sir Fur!

    Comey–yuge head, small hands!

    Trump looks perfectly natural.


  5. Maxine Waters did the same at night by closing her eyes and mouth and balling her hands into fists.

  6. Amazing that such a low life is further ruining Comey’s integrity, and Comey is allowing the ridiculous to spew. I suspect there is something really weird going on, while on the background, something insidious is being nurtured by Clinton/Obama’s Deep Losers’ State. Fasten your seatbelts.

  7. But if it was obongo who was giving the “reception” I bet Comey would hip check Reggie into the punchbowl to give old purple lips a smackeroo with tongue.
    From the article where Comey’s Deep Throat outs himself:”This was a general preoccupation of Comey’s in the months he and Trump overlapped—and the difference between this relationship and his regard for Obama (which was deep) was profound and palpable.”
    I wonder how palpable? Did obongo get to third or score on the first date with Comey?


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