Comey “infected [FBI] with a record of noncompliance. “

John Solomon- Just the News

The record of FISA compliance under Comey and current FBI Director Chris Wray’s leadership is so deficient that it “undermines the FBI’s ability to achieve its ‘scrupulously accurate’ standard for FISA applications,” Horowitz warned in an extraordinary memo made public Tuesday.

The FBI’s former chief of intelligence Kevin Brock, who served under prior Director Robert Mueller, said the new IG findings add to a body of evidence that Comey’s tenure at FBI was infected with a record of noncompliance.

The memo’s findings are “reflective of a careless and negligent culture that was allowed to grow under Comey’s leadership,” Brock told Just the News. More

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  1. “Comey “infected [FBI] with a record of noncompliance. “

    IDK, not so sure I wouldn’t blame Obutthole more than anyone else.

  2. It was easy for the FBI to do this as the FISA court isn’t anything but a rubber stamp government agency in the first place. They’re only job is to make it appear legal.

  3. culture that was allowed to grow under Comey’s leadership

    Ay-yup. The entire system. The whole team. Were “scrupulously accurate”. Always. Before. Totally honest. The truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Before. Always. The whole team. The entire system.

    And then… somebody (nobody recalls who) asked, “Hey! Don’t we have anybody who’s corrupt? Incompetent? Hey! Maybe, corrupt and incompetent? To be in charge. To be the deciderer. To decide who gets promoted. And who’s skipped over.” No?

    Somebody from the (evil) outside just dropped somebody incompetent on them? Some one corrupt? Maybe, corrupt and incompetent? Right on them? Right on top! Of all those good. honest. rank and file. scrupulously accurate. lifers? Who had no choice. But to do all that… corrupt… incompetent… wildly inaccurate… stuff. For reasons.


  4. Sun said 500BC, and Alexander the Great said 330 BC “KNOW YOUR ENEMY!”!?@#!
    Name the degenerate liberal liar who made Comey Deputy AG 12/03!

    Liberal “R” are a bigger danger to “deplorables” than “D”! BY FAR as :Brennan, clapper, Lerner an Mueller – naming only those well known!- prove!

    Hint – his leftist dad has similar name

  5. How can we be in charge with POTUS Trump, but not really?

    Lower expectations WRT the swamp drain or risk serious depression. This may be the best we can hope for.

    Scary shit.

  6. Sadly no matter what comes out nothing will be done to any of them .

    So in the words of that upstanding citizen Hi – Liar -y. “what difference does it make what comes out!”

  7. @ an ol exJarhead APRIL 1, 2020 AT 8:38 PM

    Yes siree Bob. The Romney/Ryan element poses the greatest danger. For one, they lie about what they are, at least the Democrats are honest in that regard.

  8. ““When the IG discovers a pattern of FISA affidavits in national security cases where the allegations are not corroborated or substantiated, then it starts to explain why Comey’s team thought they could obtain a FISA warrant on Page without any real facts,” he said. “Nobody was checking.””

    They also thought she’d win.

  9. @Charlie WalksonWater April 1, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    > since 2008, how many people were railroaded by obamas fbi?

    Before 2008, how many people were murdered by the FBI?
    (Ooh! Look. No “Boss Man’s” FBI. Just F.B.I.)

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