Comey Writes Book About Career, Relationship with Trump

Big Gov: Former FBI Director James Comey has been meeting with publishers to pitch a book he is writing about his public service career, that will include a section about his relationship with President Trump while he served as FBI director.

The New York Times reports that major publishing companies have been courting Comey in New York City over the past few days as the book is set to go to auction this week.  MORE

SNIP: He needs book titles. Let’s help him out.


I Have So Many Feelings

I Had No Intention Of Writing This Book 

The Emails Hillary Never Sent Me

Mildly Nauseous 

24 Comments on Comey Writes Book About Career, Relationship with Trump

  1. Remember when they said “You silly, paranoid wingnuts, Comey was just just in the NYT building for a little fundraiser!”

    He should hold off on publishing until the chapters on his prison experience can be written.

  2. “He’s going to write about his relationship with Trump? That he had for what, about a month?”

    EXACTLY. That should take up a paragraph. I can see it now.

    “First, I tried to hide in the drapes, but then he spotted me.”

  3. The Clinton foundation and Hillary’s contributors will buy the book by the case lot.
    Play the obstruction/protection game for the elite, then get paid off after you vacate the position!

    Comey’s Cashing in ….. Corruption is alive and well.
    He’ll be in the Hamptons before you know it.

  4. It’ll be as successful as his benefactor’s (HRC) books have been. Soon they will be on the ‘can’t get rid of it table’ at a price of 1/$.50 or two/free. Bundle of losers’ books by Comey and HRC.

    Or perhaps another blank best seller.

  5. Based on Comey’s infatuation with Trump, the book title could be; “Fantasized Attraction”.
    He won’t have to start from scratch. His diary has lots of material – “Dear diary. Tonight I’m having dinner at the White House. Lordy, I hope Donald notices me.”

  6. “True Lies”

    “My Sob Story”

    “From Russia With Love”

    “What About Me? Look At Me”

    “Sort of About My Hurt Feelings as a G-Man”

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