Comey’s Missing Intent Has Been On Video For Years

We’ve run this before, but it needs running again. It’s about 7 seconds long and should have been good enough to put Hillary behind bars.

“As much as I’ve been investigated, why… why would I want to do email?”

11 Comments on Comey’s Missing Intent Has Been On Video For Years

  1. Stan Lee right next to her. No wonder Marvel Comics are so liberal, shitty and trying to subliminally social engineer the white male rightout of existence using gender confusion, gay characters, homoerotic siuations and militant feminism. They have been garbage for >20 years. I would not let my brothers buy their kids that shit at all.

  2. Stan Lee is a lib, but i never would have known that was him in the video. The old dude on her left?

  3. I couldn’t make head nor tail out of that video. Why not print what was said? It’s only 7 seconds
    and who GAF about Stan Lee?

  4. Stan Lee is a washed up old man Back in the day Marvel was a decent comic group but with the explosion of the movies as well as comic sales (or should I say “graphic novel”) he was resurrected and gets trotted out at conventions and for cameo’s in the movies. I wonder what he’s going to do when Trump beats Hillary and she loses the support and the protection of the left.

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