Comey’s White House Spy Is Now Working for CNN

Gateway pundit:

Yesterday a report was released that corrupt and fired former FBI Director James Comey had a spy in the Trump White House.  We know he stole information and shared it with Comey, the question is, did he try to frame the President as well?

As of yesterday we now know that corrupt former FBI Director James Comey had an agent inside the White House reporting back to the FBI about Trump and his aides.  It’s clear that Comey’s spy, Anthony Ferrante, was feeding information that he stole back to Comey.  That is what spies do.  But what is not yet clear is whether Ferrante, who now works for CNN, attempted to frame the President as well, from within the White House.

In March 2019 CNN reported that their cyber expert Anthony Ferrante was used by Buzzfeed as an expert in the lawsuit against them by Aleksej Gubarev. Guberove denied the allegations and Buzzfeed used Ferrante as an expert in their defense.

If corrupt Comey and his spy Ferrante tried to frame the President, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Obama – Comey Deep State gang was accused of attempting to frame President Trump through a cyber crime. more here

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  1. If there is ever another dem prez all of these dirty tricks need to be used by repubs agains’t him/her/it, only a thousand times more. Teach these bullies a lesson they’ll never forget. In fact start using it now on every dem in every election. That may not” be who we are” but it’s who I am and I’m fed up.

  2. Pack the prisons with these assholes. And after all these years why hasn’t Hillary been indicted? Why?

  3. Until these rat bastards start going to jail, these news stories simply annoy me. Oooh, scandal. Oooh, look at what this rat bastard did. When will we start making examples of these people as a warning to future rat bastards?


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