Coming Soon: Male Birth Control

SA: A Promising Male Birth Control Trial Is Finally Happening, But Some Women Are Furious.

A large clinical trial launched this week will test a new, gel-based form of male birth control, Gizmodo reported Friday.

If it proves safe and effective, the gel could finally expand the very short list of contraceptive options that can be utilised by men.

“Many women cannot use hormonal contraception and male contraceptive methods are limited to vasectomy and condoms,” study investigator Diana Blithe, said in a statement from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is funding the trial.

“A safe, highly effective and reversible method of male contraception would fill an important public health need.”

The gel, applied to the back and shoulders once daily, contains a combination of a progestin compound and testosterone that is absorbed through the skin.

The progestin reduces sperm production to “low or nonexistent levels,” the NIH statement said, while the testosterone will work to maintain normal sex drive and other functions that require the hormone. The researchers plan to enroll 420 couples in the trial, the statement added.

Christina Wang, another investigator involved in the study, told Gizmodo that she and her colleagues have been working on the gel for nearly a decade and testing it in small human studies since 2009, refining its balance of hormones for both safety and effectiveness.

“We’ve had over 200 men exposed to the medication, and we’ve never had any serious adverse events,” she told Gizmodo. “But we will be monitoring everything very closely.”

On social media, the news prompted strong reactions among women.

Though the gel still remains to be studied in large groups of men, many women expressed frustration, saying that a gel applied to the skin seems far more convenient than some of the birth control options currently available to women.  more

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  1. I would hope that young women who bitch about everything that involves being female, would not have to worry about a man getting close enough to them to get them pregnant.

  2. “Christina Wang, another investigator involved in the study…”
    LOL! Is this satire?
    If that was my name I would have chosen another career field.

    You beat me to it…

  3. Dr. Globalist – Oops, we had no idea long term use was going to lead to permanently reduced sperm counts or complete sterilization. Fortunately for you Americans, we have oodles of refugees from the middle east ready to come in and fill the void.

  4. Todays women with their screeching voices and constant carping and complaining about their lot in life is all that’s been needed to keep them from an unwanted pregnancy for several years now.

  5. No continuous intake of any chemical is GOOD. Period.
    It is bad enough some must be taken to keep one alive. But when a choice can be made?
    Convenient sure. GOOD? no!

  6. No fucking way in hell would I ever take any crap like that.

    There’s now evidence that birth control pills causes blood clots, gallbladder disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, liver cancer and strokes.

    Yet they were touted as perfectly safe.

  7. Notice how they utter not one single word about the DANGEROUS side effects of messing with your testosterone levels?

    After chemo I was put on a testosterone gel that is used the exact same way to help raise my levels back to normal and the noticeable side effects were horrible never mind the ones that happen inside (like tumor growth)that you never find out about until its too late and the “professionals” always find reason to blame them on something else because it is NEVER the medications fault.

    Tell every man you know to stay the F*ck away from this crap if they want to remain normal and just use a free rubber that you can get from so many places its not even a question of money….just wait until you get to see the price tag they put on this hormonal-rub that will end up being the LEAST of your problems.

  8. It won’t sell. Most men are not going to mess with their hormones like this, but worse, the product is useless from the standpoint of a woman knowing whether he’s using contraception.

  9. And in a couple of months after your wife or girlfriend has been applying the stuff on your back and she’s been absorbing the testosterone herself, don’t be surprised when she sounds like Barry White and has a Santa grade beard.

  10. Women have several methods of birth control, but of course there are a bunch of whining women who complain that men are actually getting a third choice. Because it’s supposed to be all about women.

  11. “Though the gel still remains to be studied in large groups of men, many women expressed frustration, saying that a gel applied to the skin seems far more convenient than some of the birth control options currently available to women.”

    Well, if you don’t like what you’ve got, go out there and invent something new! QED!

  12. These women are angry the male version is easier to use than theirs, but it also means SHE doesn’t need to use BC.

    One comment above is that she won’t know if he doesn’t use it. Golly gee, turnabout and all that. I’m sure no woman ever lied about it, just like they never lie about being sexually assaulted.

    I think one reason they have bunched panties is because this takes the sole decision to get pregnant out of their hands. With male birth control, BOTH have to want it. Isn’t that equality?


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