Commie-Fan Sanders: When Dictators Do Something Good, You Acknowledge That

( – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Tuesday that he has opposed authoritarianism all over the world, but he sees nothing wrong with acknowledging when dictators do something good.

During the CBS Democratic presidential debate Sanders was asked, “You’ve praised the Chinese communist party for lifting more people out of extreme poverty than any other country. You also have a track record of expressing sympathy for socialist governments in Cuba and in Nicaragua. Can Americans trust that a Democratic socialist president will not give authoritarians a free pass?”

Sanders was booed by the audience when he said that former President Barack Obama said that Cuba has made progress on education. more

18 Comments on Commie-Fan Sanders: When Dictators Do Something Good, You Acknowledge That

  1. The problem with that is that progs live in an alternate Universe. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the progressive movement,since its inception, has worshiped the most vile, evil and wicked regimes. Their own periodical literature sand Hitler’s praise as he rose in stature and consolidated his power in the 1920s & 1930s. They supported each and every genocidal regime, financially and in their apologetic, that came to power in the last century.

  2. I heard Mao was a hell of a ballroom dancer. Bernie should congratulate him on that (it made it more fun dancing on the graves of millions).

  3. Except Kim Jong Un and Putin. He hates those dictators because it’s politically expedient.

    If Trump wasn’t Prez,he’d be praising the symmetry of NK marching formations, advanced nuclear scientists and Laika the space dog. Did you know Russians sent the first woman into space? Bernie does.

  4. Saving my acknowledgements for when you fatally choke on a massive turd trying to pass out of your mouth,,,
    You keep coming close, yet no delivery,, Loser
    And Medicare part 2 still wants the 20%, pay up, you cheap prick.

  5. Well with that logic you’d have to acknowledge Trump has done some good but you can’t even listen to facts about the economy without spazzing out, booing American citizens being honored at a SOTUA and having a tantrum and tearing up the speech.

  6. Safe assumption he worked as a voiceover for the Kims’ propaganda videos. Some posted online all have a ‘r’. Chine-r

  7. He said his members of his family were killed by hitler in the concentration camps.
    Go ahead, Bernie. Now say something nice about hitler.

  8. So Bernie says: “When Dictators Do Something Good, You Acknowledge That…”
    but, Orange Man Bad,
    so Bernie and the other Dem candidate LOSERS cannot possibly acknowledge any of the any incredible, notable good things POTUS Trump has done DESPITE the Deep State, the belligerent D Party and the complicit unethical Press.
    FU Bernie! You will NEVER ever be MY President. FOAD.

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