Commie profs at West Point?

The Lid: On Sunday, the Daily Caller reported that a former professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point claimed to have taught Spenser Rapone, the Communist-supporting graduate, in his first year at the academy, and said the cadet was urged to resign.  Toward the end of the report, however, the Daily Caller said an active duty Army officer who wished to remain anonymous, told the media outlet that there are “a number of avowed Communists” teaching at the school.  Read more

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  1. Obama! OBAMA! Leftist Universities. LEFTIST UNIVERSITIES.

    Again the reminder that elections have consequences and this is the type of legacy that oblama and the mook have left to Amerika.

  2. It will take years to clean their shit up, let alone root it out and kill it.

    But you know what? Barky couldn’t save his muzzie Birdog, hahaha! Fuck you Barky!

  3. The military’s officer ranks are heavily infested with left leaning thinking. The discipline and esprit have been diluted. Naval Officers crashing ships on the high seas etc. It’s a big mess that will take years to clean up if ever.

  4. In many ways the Military is a reflection of their leadership.
    The many generals and perfumed princes of the pentagon are political appointees chosen for their ideology, not their character, military knowledge, experience and prowess.

    The attendees of the Military academies “require” a congressional nomination from their Congressman in their Representative district and both US Senators of their state or the Vice President.

    Look at the Congressmen and US Senators ideology, I’d be surprised if there aren’t more BLM, Antifa, socialists and communists in the academy ranks. I’m sure there are more.

  5. It appears that many graduates will not only fail to perform their primary purpose in the officer ranks of the military but will continue to spread this corrosive ideology.

  6. There have been communist (socialist) and communist sympathizers in the Armed Forces since there has been communism (socialism). Wasn’t Evans Carlson (of “Carlson’s Raiders” fame) a communist sympathizer? His whole “gung-ho” (“work-together”) and “democratic” approach to leadership was communist inspired, if my memory is working correctly. There are others. George Marshall was accused of having communist sympathies (bullshit, no doubt) and his legacy sullied.

    The purpose of selecting officers from a wide variety of backgrounds and philosophies is to prevent a Prussian-style officer corps which might prove dangerous to the Republic (according to my Dad, an Air Force officer).

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. My son had a choice between West Point and VMI. He did his research and chose VMI. Of course I had to pay for him to go there were at the Point it is free. Obligation for military same (he did get tuition paid). But at VMI, they made a man out of him, for that they made men out of the women that went there. They don’t do that at the Point as it might offend someone. Also, at VMI, they don’t have grade inflation like other schools, so if you earn a grade through hard work, at the same time being beaten by the upper classmen, that is your score, period. His education is being reflected in what he does now and I am glad for his choice.

  8. Systemic infiltration. This is deliberate sabotage.

    EVERY Obama appointee (military AND civilian) should be invited to submit their immediate resignations. En masse. Drain the swamp.
    Failure to submit resignation letters should be an immediate red flag.

    That idiot USA Africa commander who was sexting up the very married wife of a sergeant? I expect he was an Obama beneficiary.

    At this point I’m willing to take my chances with a Prussian officer corps that love their Country and their oath to the Constitution.

  9. Give me an officer corp of nationalistic, patriotic, and idealistic individuals who are willing to follow the lawfully elected and morally bound body politic over the politically and socially correct social justice warrior pursuing agendas and globalist demagoguery any day.

    (at least I win at scrabble a lot.)

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