Communism Perks: Puppets Galore and Efficient Transportation

Don’t worry about the mass starvations, forced labor, the gulags and stuff. There will be puppets for the children!

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  1. Little Mike shit on him pretty good with,

    What type of socialist has 3 houses?

    Bernie said, 1 in new York, 1 in Vermont and just like every one else one to vacation at.

    Yep, sounds just like most average people to me!

    It really was fun watching these poverty pimps telling sad stories about their hardships and struggles between the feces throwing.

  2. Cultural Programs: Brainwashing You Fucking Asshole!

    Vladimir Putin is selling his Patek Philippe 5208P for 1 million.

    He is the richest mobster in the world with a nuclear arsenal, but they HAD puppets.

  3. Kcir-

    I crack up when people go to Cuba like it’s a tropical paradise. Of course, they push the tourists into the clean, colorful area and never show them what’s in the other 98% of the island.

  4. In a nation with 325 million plus you expect there’ll be a certain number of extremest idiots in the mix.
    What’s not expected is that such a large collection all with the most moronic ideas would make it this close to the highest office in the land.
    The good old USA is showing some tatters.

  5. MJA-

    My kids go to Cuba with their school every 2 years with their high school band to play music at various places including orphanages.

    Me and my wife pack all the old clothes, shoes, etc. into the kids luggage and tell them, “leave as much stuff as you can behind for the kids.” I send packs of guitar strings as well.

    You have to see it to believe it. I personally don’t go because I do not wish to help fund the communists, but it is VERY GOOD for youth to see that the BEST that they have is way below what a crack den in LA has.

    Canada, because of Cocksucker Trudeau senior, has always had travel to Cuba. (I guess senior wanted his “son” Justine to be able to go back & visit his real Dad Fidel once in a while)

    I feel bad for those people but they have no ability to rebel. Always remember that the Swiss and the USA are the only counties where citizens are obligated to be armed!

  6. Kcir- Well it’s a nice thing they’re doing and good for you for giving them a little something whenever you can. They honestly do appreciate that. I know they do. The kids always suffer the most in the 3rd world, and in dictatorships.

    I lived in central America for one day short of 3 years, so I know what you’re talking about.
    One of the strangest things I saw when I first went ‘down town’ was a tall apartment building with only 3 walls. THREE. Like… no freaking 4th wall. It had crumbled down into the street below. The floors were still intact and you could see the people laying on their beds, cooking on a makeshift grill, sheets and whatevers flying in the breeze. And at the time, the dictator gave them all cable tv. So there were satellite dishes here and there.

  7. Bernie wants power. He already said he wanted to control the electricity. Just fucking insane. And you know what? Like the people I mentioned in my comment above, we would all get satellite tv. But only for show. No electricity. lol.

  8. Notice at Moscow’s Train Station from Stalin’s Time:

    Express Train to Northern Siberia Leaves at 11pm sharp every night. No luggage, no food, no extra clothes allowed. Carriage doors kept locked for safety. Arrives at mine shaft next day at 6pm.


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