Communism v Democratic Socialism

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  1. They all talked up equality, prosperity and fairness for all,
    but wound up delivering brutal tyranny instead.
    Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao!
    Fergit about leaning to code!
    Learn yer damn HISTORY!!

  2. I just saw a poll that about half the country would vote for a gay prez. A gay dem/socialist prez is their dream with a lesbian as vice prez. And a lgbt+++ SCOTUS.

  3. “half the country would vote for a gay prez”
    be careful what you wish for.
    That might end in a asshashaysination..

  4. The Left uses “democratic” as a euphemism for socialism. So when they say “democratic socialism” they’re saying “socialism socialism.”

  5. We already had one of those gay blades, nearly destroyed the country with diaherretic spending. His educational background was all BS, he was dumber than a houseplant,

  6. Come on – we all know FDR just didn’t go far enough in his “New Deal.”

    Bernie has a better deal for us all and Buttplug just wants to shine a light up our starfish.

  7. Half the country wants it until they end paying for it, then scream that’s not what we were talking about. That my boy is your mistake. Now get back to work. Never give your kids to the government schools to indoctrinate.

  8. Not that this is a system that cannot be abused in the future, but Nordic “socialism” is not really socialism. The difference is that the business sector can engage in capitalistic actions and ventures, and the individuals are heavily taxed to pay for the social services they demand. Basically, if you want “free” healthcare, you will pay for it through larger individual taxes.

    This won’t work in the United States. The pinheads in favor of “democratic socialism” want the tax burden to be borne by the business sector or “the rich” – which is pretty loosely defined. (You would be surprised at how low the income level is to be considered rich by federal standards). The individuals, i.e. the pinheads who support Sanders, believe that their tax burden won’t increase much, if at all, while corporations (i.e. a collection of people engaged in business activities) pay the freight. Meanwhile, Sanders and his ilk only want power.

    Sanders isn’t proposing Nordic socialism, he is proposing Venezuelan socialism. And we can see how that works in real time.

  9. In general, socialism exists in capitalist societies in the form of; Unions, Feminism – radical or not, The Queer Mafia – militant or not, Islam and it’s strong arm sector, Jihad, Antifa – propped up by Soros progressive elitism.
    All of these factions/organizations are totalitarian in nature, thriving without much restrictions primary in places like Sweden, less effectively in the United States – for now, thanks to the Second Amendment.

    Demoncratic Socialism, however, defines how socialism operates in China and Russia. All systems – government, commerce and societal norms are under communist control. Therefore, everything operates through a socialist ideological filter- the factor that makes communism possible. Communism can’t exist without socialism.


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