Communism Works, and If You Give Us a Chance We’ll Show You What Every Other Failed Communist Regime Did Wrong

errrrr. no thanks.

There are STILL lefty pinheads running around claiming that communism is the superior socio/economic model, it just hasn’t been “implemented correctly.”

What is this belief based on? If something has never succeeded after being tried dozens and dozens of times, where does this optimism come from?


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26 Comments on Communism Works, and If You Give Us a Chance We’ll Show You What Every Other Failed Communist Regime Did Wrong

  1. If by Socialism you mean, free speech, right to own guns, free markets, no search and seizure without a warrant, right to assemble, right to vote, etc… then by all means, let’s try Socialism!

  2. Communism CAN work (when there are only a few closely-associated people voluntarily participating in the system), but NEVER on the scale or under the conditions that leftists want.

  3. I have a libtard relative that always says “We just have not done enough of it yet!”

  4. Communism will always fail for one reason: people.

    Many people want power. Progressives like Sanders whine about corporate executives with power and money; these kinds of people will gravitate to government and obtain even more power because they will then have guns and gulags.

    People are greedy. Each according to his ability, each according to his need is a stupid statement; those with ability want to keep most of their wealth while those with needs want them provided for free.

    People are stupid. They make dumb mistakes, but communists never have to recognize or correct their mistakes.

    People have different wants and needs. What people want or need cannot be accurately determined by an overbearing societal scheme.

    Communism stifles innovation. Unless something benefits the state, which is usually just the people in charge, there is no need to innovate because the status quo is just fine.

    I could go on, but you get the picture. Communism will never “be implemented correctly.”

  5. I still remember the first time I heard that argument. It was in the mid-80’s in college in Boston from a British asshole at a party. I remember it well because it was the first time I actually spoke to someone who was an admitted communist.

  6. @TN Tuxedo MARCH 17, 2018 AT 7:46 PM
    “Communism CAN work (when there are only a few closely-associated people voluntarily participating in the system)…”
    No, not even then. It was tried by the early colonialists here, and by some religious communities throughout history, and failed EVERY TIME.

  7. Here is some of the shit that I ,as an Irish immigrant, had to deal with while in the US Army.
    “Irishman, Irishman, bow down your head, go back to old Ireland and wish you were dead. Go back to old Ireland and there you will see what a fine bunch of bastards the Irish can be.” Another was “Saint Patrick’s Day means not to me, no green beer will I sop, for although the Irish claim him St. Paddy was a wop. Yes I put up with it. But at the end of the day the lads were all singing “Danny Boy” and “The Rose of Tralee” on Saint Patrick’s Day In Italy 1964. I beat out the Orange Bastards. Some of you will understand.

  8. Communism works, you just hafta make sure you slaughter the RIGHT amount of dissenters, otherwise you get too much attention from those pesky free speech, capitalism types. Slaughter under a 100,000 and you’re good as gold I reckon.

  9. @Mo Tom, And you took it like a man. Not like a an SJW. You are good to what you believe. You represent my Irish heritage and do it well. Not like the crybabies of today.
    Thank you for representing FIRST the United States well, and your familie’s home country well. I have followed you closely, and you are truly someone I respect.

  10. Moe Tom – You were abused by bigots. You have my sympathy, not that it buys you much. I apologize on behalf of our fellow soldiers, shitheads though they were.

  11. @ Chance. As Jordan Peterson has often suggested I am now reading Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. It is giving me nightmares. Should have read it decades ago.

    @leftcoast Dan. I have both the print and audio copies of Peterson’s 12 rules. Try the audio. His passion comes through. He reads it – not some celebrity narrrator. I swear I can hear tears in his voice at times.

  12. Historically, promoters of communism tend to be losers in life, like Karl Marx.
    With few exceptions, those at the top of the food chain like to keep what they earned, and aren’t too interested in sharing with those that missed the boat.

  13. It all starts with fluoridation Mandrake, and the international conspiracy to sap and impurity, all of our precious bodily fluids.


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