Companies That Boycott Facebook Continue to Advertise on Russian Social Media Platform

VK is popular among white supremacists, bans gay rights groups.

Advertisers that are now boycotting Facebook to protest “hate speech” have spent years running ads and marketing campaigns on a Russian social media platform that bans gay-rights groups and is known as a haven for white supremacists.

Over 100 companies announced a boycott of Facebook last week in protest of divisive political speech on the website. The boycott coincides with a public pressure campaign led by Joe Biden and other top Democrats to press Facebook to enforce stricter control over President Trump’s postings.

But many of these companies—including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Adidas, and Reebok—have been regular advertisers on VK, a popular Russian media website used by many white supremacists and neo-Nazis who have been banned from Facebook. Several of these companies continue to have a marketing presence on the Russian website, raising questions about their recent concern about “hate speech” on social media sites.

VK’s popularity among white supremacists and neo-Nazis has been documented for years by media outlets and watchdog groups.

Even as they remain mum on VK’s laissez-faire attitude toward online hate speech, major companies have pulled ads from Facebook for not policing speech on its own site. more

7 Comments on Companies That Boycott Facebook Continue to Advertise on Russian Social Media Platform

  1. The things you see are not as they seem to be at first sight.

    They’re deceptions intended to hide their true purpose which is unrelated to all things they are supposedly connected to including the businesses and organizations being used to do them.

    Always look beneath the surface to find their covert purpose, that is what they are really intended to do, to accomplish for the masters that ordered them done.

    We are in the age of deception and it is difficult to avoid being deceived.

  2. Speaking of soft-drinks. Last evening I noticed a short misguided tv advert from Sprite.
    Sprite Pledges $500K to BLM. Sprite Premieres ‘Dreams Realized’ Commercial.
    [Karl Marx had the same dream, didn’t he, and his pals?] .

    But, Sprite has several other idiot led companies joining them. Even Wendy’s is showing support in appreciation for one of their restaurants being destroyed. .

  3. @ Blink,

    That $500k from Sprite will be used to buy weapons. It’ll flow from BLM to that armed black group NMFA, or whatever it’s called.

    The militant blacks want to have a hunk of US as a homeland. It hasn’t been about equal rights for decades, it’s about power. The militant ones want to be the power – no whites will be allowed in their homeland. A well armed militia is their only way of getting there.

    The liberals crowing about how peaceful it was a couple of days ago at Stonewall Mountain will someday eat it. Militants with firearms = big trouble. The liberals are digging our graves – if we let them.


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