Companies that pit blacks v hispanics to keep wages low are being shaken up

There’s a nasty punchline in this tale of law and order.

For decades companies that employed minorities often pit blacks versus hispanics, in order to keep wages down. They got away with it because left-wing politicians weren’t serious about the lives of their constituents. One major problem is that they think illegals, who ostensibly cannot vote, are their constituents.

Blacks kept quiet about pay raises because they saw hispanics, illegals, hired to perform the same job they were doing at a much lower salary.

The signal was sent. Shut up or you’ll be replaced.

There’s been a shakeup in a major bakery in Rahmtown. Hundreds of Cloverhill employees who did not pass e-verification were sent letters. They didn’t show up for work for fear of deportation.

This left openings for a large percentage of the company’s jobs. An agency stepped in to quickly fill the positions, and wages went up. Blacks were now getting $14 and hour compared to the illegals $10 an hour.

All’s well that ends well?

Naaa. This doesn’t end well.

The nasty punchline is that the factory can’t keep efficient because of the high “turnover” rate of blacks (40%) and they don’t work as hard.

I’m starting to understand the phrase “doing the jobs Americans do not want.”


ht/ C. Steven Tucker

16 Comments on Companies that pit blacks v hispanics to keep wages low are being shaken up

  1. A news story with an agenda that quotes “community activists” and “Union reps” to tell the story that blacks are victims because they lose their jobs because they don’t show up for work.

  2. A lot of cities and municipalities have been forced to go the temp & or privatization route to save money, too.
    There’s a chickens returning home axiom in there somewhere….thanks in no small part to certain progressive “leadership” from 2001 to 2017.

  3. This is much like in Canada, where First Nations people (AKA Indians) have a “loose attachment to the workplace”. Maybe they will show up, maybe they won’t.

  4. I’m starting to get a sneaking suspicion that the leftwing government keeps us in the dark about back room concerns, and what they do and don’t know.
    It’s almost like they are unwilling to speak plainly about the way people function within the framework of society.
    It’s almost like they have to overcompensate for the things they know to be true by attacking a certain demographic as the bane of our society.

  5. We have to get a tight grip back on our public education. And put temp agencies out of business who are skirting the employment laws. There’s no excuse for this.

  6. If you have a job, why do you have to show up for work?
    That don’t make sense.

    Work is boring, you have to do stuff, you have to produce something, or, if you can get a gov’t or Union job – you can sit in the parking lot and drink beer (or Muscatel) and smoke dope! I mean, c’mon! Why can’t the discriminatory, racist corporations of America be more like the gov’t and the Unions? It’s only FAIR!

    izlamo delenda est … (this is sarcasm, if anyone missed it)


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