Compare and Contrast

Trump’s America – “Make America Great Again”

Biden’s American – “Try To Lower Expectations”



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  1. “Try to lower expectations”. With biden it’s like the 18 year old that suddenly appears in your 8th grade class. You know he’s going to be stupid and a jerk.

  2. “Try To Lower Expectations”

    Helluva slogan for yer Space program Jeff!
    Why don’t you write that on the side of your flying Dick!

  3. Trump vs. Biden.

    In that order.

    Compare and contrast?

    I’d rather embrace and replace.

    (I was going to say “exterminate” but that would hateful.)

  4. I can do both!

    I expect President Trump to Make America Great Again AGAIN!

    I fear and expect Joey “Strained Carrots” Biden to exceed my low expectations by plumbing even deeper depths of dementia and decrepitude.

  5. “Try To Lower Expectations”
    guess it’s a good thing Eisenhower didn’t say that to the boys on June 6, 1941
    … or Washington at Valley Forge
    … or Lincoln at Gettysburg
    … or MLK in his 1967 ‘I Have A Dream’ speech
    … or Reagan when he strode into Berlin & said ‘Tear this wall down’
    … or John Paul Jones when he declared “I have not yet begun to fight!”
    … or Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, who at the Battle of Bastogne when the German’s asked for his peaceable surrender, replied “Nuts!”
    … or the Texicans in the Battle of San Jacinto when they cried “Remember the Alamo!”
    … or the Texicans in the Battle of Gonzales displaying the flag ‘Come And Take It’
    … or Adm. David Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay declaring “Damn the torpedo’s … Full speed ahead!”

    only a mentality of failure permeates a message of ‘lower expectations’ … a message every Demoncratzi Administration has pushed since the Carter Administration

    … so sick of these Surrender Monkeys

  6. Yeah, who wants 6% economic growth anyway, right?

    It’s bad for the environment, don’t ya know?- Dr. Tar

  7. “Come and take it!”

    As a conservative Dem 65 yers ago i was sent to detention for sayhing Ike was NOT WHITE NATIONALIST FOR “OPERATION WET BACK”!

    BTW. hand the Huns held off the invasion Ike had “news release” accepting ALLL the blame! Very unlike GWB and his acolyte Joe! Ike had honor. Don is the only candidate since Ronny that has had honor. Which is why i voted Don twice!

  8. You’re paying people not to work. You’re punitively fining employers who go against your mandates as they struggle to meet manpower needs. You’re shutting down vital supply links allegedly to fight a virust that for 99.9% of the population is about as life-threatening as a bad cold.

    Let’s go, Brandon.

  9. @Dry gulched ~ “With biden it’s like the 18 year old that suddenly appears in your 8th grade class.”

    brings back some old memories from ‘a long time ago … in a galaxy far, far away’
    attended Jr. High when the grades were 7,8,9. actually remember 9th graders w/ draft cards. during rain-days, when we couldn’t go outside for gym class, we played ‘Maul Ball’ (some called it ‘Murder Ball’). the gym teachers divided all 3 grade classes into 2 units, half on one side of the gym, half on the other. Maul Ball was a variant of Dodge Ball only w/ a ball to a side. each team started out on one side of the gym & the balls were placed in the middle. the balls were those red playground balls that we usually played Kickball w/ in Elementary School.
    when the gym teachers blew the whistle, each team would run to the balls in the center & whomever got to them first let ’em fly. usually, the much stronger players, i.e. the draft-carders, got to the balls first (by force & intimidation, as the gym teachers laughed their sadistic heads off). I remember they were so big, at the time, they could actually palm the balls … which made them much easier to get a great head-shot on some twerpy 7th grader (like myself). to this day I believe the gym teachers gave them extra-credit if they hit a kid, groveling against the stacked bleacher wall, w/ a head shot that made his head hit against the bleachers & bounce back again.
    btw, ricochet-hits were counted. I developed a technique where I would try to get the ricochets & try to go after the draft-carders. needless to say, I had to run home a few times after the bus dropped us off after school.

    never got to experience Maul Ball as a draft-carder in the 9th grade as I graduated at 17 from High School. got my first draft card at 18 (also my Pre-Induction physical in Baltimore the same year) … ahhhh, good times

  10. The soft bigotry of low expectations.

    It is progs attempt to lower everyone else down to their subhuman piece of shit level. That is what envy breeds and that is why it is and has been recognized as the deadliest of sins. It is also why the progressive movement inculcates a sense that envy is in fact a virtue then profits off of the resentment that is a natural outcome. The progressive movement is unadulterated filth. It’s followers have lowered themselves to a subhuman level, wallow in self hatred and self pity and project responsibility for their fucking miserable existence on others. They deserve nothing more than indifference to their suffering and that is the best I have to offer them. I truly despise their very existence and it is all I can do to not wish them deeper into the morass they have willingly and with foreknowledge chose as the environment they inhabit here on earth. The fucking arrogance that lead them to believe themselves deserving to be greater than God is what brought them home to Satan their dark prince.

  11. “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”

    BIDEN – 2024!

    mortem tyrannis.
    Fuck Joe Biden.

    izlamo delenda est …

    “…ein Impfstoff” Then two or three boosters – Dr. Tar


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