Compilation of Muslims Fighting Each Other On Television Shows

You think Jerry Springer is entertaining???  pffft.

ht/ czar of defenestration

19 Comments on Compilation of Muslims Fighting Each Other On Television Shows

  1. Mustafa: “I have half a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it!”

    I liked the part where the lead chimp sez:
    “You can’t string two sentences together”
    I did not know that wuz possible, but then I have a relatively short attention span with these in-bred’s so-called “Religion of Peace”!

  2. Of course Saddam killed my wife, my parents, and my extended family. .. “Eee had to.. I had to insist… and when Saddam said there was no other way…. that was good enough for me. ..

    Thought I was hearing Eric Idle of Python doing the Pirranah Brothers sketch…. bless the martyred Saddam’s name….

  3. I visited Israel in the early 90s and they said most of the violence in Jerusalem was Arab on Arab. That their culture is very violent. And clearly they overreact and can’t control themselves.

  4. An anal disease that can cured using semen. Wowsa!
    And obola, the Preezy so admired and anointed by the Left, just had to force scientific minds such as this into NASA.

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