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Compost Your Dead! Compost Your Dead!


There are traditionally two options for what to do with a body after death: burial or cremation. 

In California, a third choice will soon present itself for those who shuffle off this mortal coil. That choice is human composting.

Assembly Bill 351, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday, will allow residents to choose human composting, or natural organic reduction (NOR), after death starting in 2027. More

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  1. California Libtard Law Makers are going freaken nuts with absurd legislation. The keep trying to out do each other in the most far fetched crap they can come up with. I hope they keep it up.

  2. When I die, I expect my wife/family will do with my body whatever suits them. I won’t be in a position to care, now, will I?

    If forced to make a choice now, I’d pick burial at sea. It’s culturally accepted, no coffin needed, nor an urn, much less a burial plot. Plus, it is a fairly effective way to feed the ecosystem if that’s a goal of any importance to anybody.

    Composting is just plain icky.

  3. That would probably make dying more reasonably priced.
    I told my sister who lives in the sticks that I’d be cool with the burning barrel out back if she can get away with it. I won’t care when the time comes.

  4. Bad news folks, the Soylent Green is made out of people. It\’s people!

    Pass on the soylent green and cricket powder.

  5. I saw a advert for a compost bag attached to a tree root so you could help nurture one with you body. I’d want it to be a pecan tree so people could eat my nuts forever.

  6. CA – yeah – put all the diseases into the soil – Monkeypox – AIDS – CoVid – Marxism – Nazi-ism – Whatever Kind of Mad-Cow-Brain Disease that Affects Politicians – what a great idea!

    Generations of Newsoms and Pelosis sprouting from the sewers.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Next they’ll tell us that cremation causes global warming. The funeral industry is gonna have to figure a way to cash in on this. Maybe a compost terrarium – the kids could turn Grandpa into a science project.

  8. Hell we’s been doing dis a long long time. We give em a choice sun or the shade. Pushin Up Daisies Inc. Plenty o vacant lots in northern Indiana.

  9. The problem is that the water level in Lake Mead has been dropping for years, so putting bodies in 55 gal. drums and dumping them in the lake is no longer a sure fire method of discrete disposal. Maybe instead of composting, California just loosens landfill/pubic dump regulations.

  10. Uncle Al
    SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 AT 5:10 PM
    “When I die, I expect my wife/family will do with my body whatever suits them. I won’t be in a position to care, now, will I?”


    If I’m not using it any more, it matters little what happens to it. I won’t even know, much less care, and it’ll be so used up anyway that I’ll be GLAD to be shut of it.

    Unk Al, I have a serious question for one with your linguistic skills. If you would, kindly go to
    to review.

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  12. Yeah… no.

    I’m only beginning to come around to the cremation thing. And, for those of you so inclined, may I recommend the beautifully crafted and reasonably priced wood urns (and caskets) available from the Trappist monks:

    Plus, they plant a tree and say Masses for your loved one (or for you, if you’re planning ahead).

  13. This is exactly what the former gov and seks predator of NY Andrew Cuomo and the non-elected Lt gov Kickback Kathy Hochul did when they lined up ded covid bodies along the Brooklyn Red Hook waterfront. Neighborhood witnesses were issued these warnings by the two vile mf’s to keep their mouths shut and their arms extended for the covid-scam vaxx poison. Take note of the fact that Red Hook is largely a hispanic area which goes directly to the KKKJoe Biden and globalists’ extermination schemes.

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