Compromise in the Air, But It Will Include a Wall

It seems the dems might save face with a compromise if we let them say Trump never got a wall, he got a barrier.


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  1. No, no, NO!!

    If the GOP agrees to change the verbiage from “wall” to “barrier”, the very first thing the Democrats will do once they swear in with a majority is pass legislation wherein an unattended 4’ tall chain link fence fits the definition of “barrier”.

  2. Not sure if it’s the latest, but *I* heard the Dem’s “offer” was
    12 months (i.e. full) funding for all Federal Government EXCEPT
    1 month funding for Dept of Homeland Security (i.e. for THE WALL),
    meaning the whole damned fight over The Wall would begin again in February.

    F*CK THAT: That’s an insult, not an offer.

  3. Trump should demand 25 billion.

    I still have a feeling that tactics are about to change around 12:01am.

    Democrats/traitors/seditionists are about to be faced with embracing the suck. I’m planning on loving every minute of it, too.

  4. It’s not the Democrats that are the biggest part of the problem, it’s the Romney/Ryan establishment Republicans

  5. TO TN Tux
    Doesn’t matter *too much* what Congress calls it;
    the Executive branch still possesses the power to define *how* it executes Congress’ laws (within bounds), and I’m sure it would be easy to argue that any sort of
    “gesture” towards a barrier that DOES NOT STOP ILLEGAL ENTRY is NO BARRIER.

    Chill. It’s New Year’s Eve.
    Start struggling with your sobriety, already! 😉


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