Computers Are Calling Pitches In The Minors This Year

The Atlantic League will be using a computer system to determine balls and strikes this season. The system will track pitches using Doppler radar, while umpires will wear ear pieces and be able to override the Trackman call (the system is unable to determine check swings). Baseball has used computers since 2001 to evaluate umpires, but this will be the first season where the machines will actually be relied on to call pitches in an official game. More

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  1. 1st Umpire: “If it’s a strike, it’s a strike.”
    2nd Umpire: “It ain’t nothing till I call it.”

    Good luck widdat!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The biggest question is WHY? Baseball is the most pure of sports where human error and mistakes are part of the game and has been for over 100 years. The game is basically unchanged during that time. Leave it alone!….

  3. If they want to ruin the game, wouldn’t it be cheaper to have all the players kneel for the national anthem?

  4. I’m guessing, from the respondents here, that perhaps that robotics in baseball is a bad idea.
    Sort of like robotics in the cockpit of Boeing 737 Max 8/9s.

    Looking forward to the ‘benefits’ of self driving cars. I can barely get through a day without rebooting my modem router.

    Sorry. Humans, as flawed as we are, will always be superior to robots. The human brain, when not exposed to liberal group think, cannot be replicated by machines.
    And then there is the dehumanizing effect.

    Why not have robot batters and pitchers?
    That’d be fun to watch.

  5. Pretty much the next logical step after using computer databases to pick team members as portrayed in the movie, Money Ball. They’re just getting more of the middlemen, ah human beings, out of the way, and going direct.

    After all computers are now flying our airplanes aren’t they, except for ones just grounded.

  6. Screw this. In fact, why not just have opposing teams play their games on Xbox? Instant replay was the nail in the coffin with me. This is the second nail. Of course, I still love baseball, but technology is making it to damned universal. Eventually, all sports will merge into one. And I predict that eventually, Devry University will play the University of Phoenix for the college football national championship someday through XBox, or some shit like that.

  7. Fear not. I predict even MORE epic bench clearing brawls as Umpire Dave and Hal the computer override each others calls.

  8. baseball was already ruined by the DH … completely skewing stats forever

    instant replay on every close call has completely taken away umpire responsibility & eliminated manager/umpire arguments. having radar monitor the intrusion of a thrown ball into a 3-dimensional space will negate umpiring altogether in higher league levels …. cheaper than paying an umpiring crew for every game


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