Conan Has Hitler On To Talk About Trump

It’s one of those sketches where the writers all say “Gee, wouldn’t it be funny if..”


Well it wasn’t.

I watched it twice to figure out exactly why it failed.



The more they tried to say they were similar the more I found myself thinking “No, Trump is nothing like Hitler.”

And they couldn’t get Mel Brooks to play the part?

19 Comments on Conan Has Hitler On To Talk About Trump

  1. Half of his lofo audience has only the vaguest notion about who Hitler was. Jay Leno knew this about his own audience, from his street interviews. He never would have allowed his writers to phone in a skit like this.

  2. It’s amazing how many people reference tv in there daily lives.
    Please people….turn off the tv.
    Tv is run by democratic operatives.
    The constantly push liberal points of view

  3. Agreed. I quit watching SNL and all the late-nite talking dickheads.
    Their agenda is so transparent. The clapping seals barking in the audience to the same lame, unfunny jokes night after night.
    Comedy at least should have some truth to the premise.

    I never did get Conan anyway.

  4. The set up had potential – leftists do compare Trump to Hitler and having Hitler defend himself could have had some comedic value, but this bit really missed. Instead, we got Sarah Silverman dressed up like Hitler saying “yeah, Trump is like me.” As if anyone expected Sarah Silverman to say anything else.

  5. “Childish” is the only adjective I can think of here. Of course, I couldn’t make it past the first thirty seconds so maybe it picked up later. I’ll never know…

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