Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Picks Up Steam

The Lid: The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 may be gaining momentum toward passage into law. The bill will receive a “markup” on Wednesday (today), which means that the House Judiciary Committee believes that the bill is very likely to come to a vote in the House.

The bill’s author Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) released a statement on Monday saying,

“For me and the vast majority of Americans who support concealed carry reciprocity, this is welcome progress. I want to thank Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) for his strong leadership to protect our Second Amendment rights. I will continue to work with my colleagues and President Trump to pass this common-sense legislation to protect law-abiding citizens.”

The bill itself, if made into law, would allow Concealed Carry Permit holders to carry their firearms across state lines without fear of arrest or imprisonment. Every state has its own laws on the books about how to deal with gun ownership and some, like New Jersey, make even transporting a firearm a crime. Meaning that a citizen with a legal firearm moving from North Carolina to New Hampshire (as an example) who gets pulled over in New Jersey and found with a firearm could be arrested, imprisoned, and even see real jail time for their “crime.”

In fact, Congressman Hudson pointed to just such an example (and New Jersey has many of them) when explaining why the Reciprocity Act was needed.  MORE

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  1. Some God damned illegal alien can seek sanctuary in church here in Connecticut and in other states with the approval of local and national politicians but I can’t exercise my Constitutional right to carry my legal firearm into any of the border states surrounding me. My driver’s license, a granted privilege, is recognized nationwide but my 2ND Amendment right isn’t? Frickin guy was here for 20 years and couldn’t apply for citizenship? His “partner” (anchor baby factory) needed an interceptor to speak to a reporter on the local news this morning. What’s up with that?

    Sorry for the rant. We gotta get the Bull Pen back so we can have a place to link stories.

  2. We’ve already learned that many Senators in the GOP branch of the Uniparty were lying through their teeth about MarxCare repeal. Soon we’ll be finding out that many of the same people have been lying about gun rights as well.

  3. I’m a member Boehnerdict and have sent a few dollars their but I haven’t been very active with them. I appreciate everything they are trying to do and support their efforts. They have a tough row to hoe here in the Un-Constitution State as you probably know.

    For those who don’t know, the CCDL is the Connecticut Citizens Defense League. Carry on!

  4. Past Due.
    I go through the Tri-state (NV AZ CA) area and have to go through CA to get round to Needles and the like.
    I shudder to think what would happen were I to be pulled over. I have guns everywhere in the car. I ain’t taking them all and putting them in a lock box every time I go through.

  5. Because… I guess… you know… Just enforcing The Second Amendment, that is already there, has been for hundreds of years (literally literally) is too much work. Compared to funding, setting up, funding again, expanding, reorienting, re-funding (definitely NOT refunding), and synchronizing 57, brand, spankin’ NEW bureaucracies (oh, I know, just new departments in old bureaucracies, so it’ll be more efficient), after all the lawyers “school plays” are paid for, of course, just causes too much environmental damage to swamp levels.

  6. Again, as a free citizen, why must a permit be bought from and approved by government?

    There is nothing in the Constitution that disqualifies a firearm from protection under the Bill of Rights simply because it is carried concealed.

    Would you tolerate this level of infringement on other constitutionally protected items such as newspapers and Bibles?


    1. A spat with your g/f – b/f – spouse, a MISDEMEANOR, can remove your 2nd Amendment Constitutional right FOREVER? Did any of you know this? Not a FELONY, which you’d expect, a friggin’ misdemeanor. Who the fuck voted for that?
    HOWEVER, an unvetted muslim terrorist from known America-hating, woman-hating countries, are flown right over your head, settled in Minnesotistan, and given the Constitutional right to purchase as many firearms as he wants.

    2. An American citizen has an entire law library of state/federal/local laws, statues, policies to navigate just to be LEGAL in his/her own country.
    An actual illegal alien can come in, get reduced college, a tax return, welfare, driver’s license, VOTE, and who knows? Probably own a legal gun.

    It is no longer in America’s best interest to keep funding this abusive system. Let the states regulate their own citizens.

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