Concern Troll CNN Hosts Whine About Bullied 6th Grader Named Trump Invited to SOTU

NB: As part of First Lady Melania Trump’s Be Best anti-bullying campaign, she invited Wilmington, Delaware 6th grader Joshua Trump to be one of the guests at Tuesday’s State of the Union. By now you probably figured out that while he shared no relation with the President, Joshua was bullied because they share the same last name. But that gesture rubbed CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon the wrong way during Monday’s Prime Time.


“I hate bullies, you hate bullies. You got to feel for this kid. My concern, though, about tomorrow night is that he’s going to be used as a political pawn,” Cuomo speculated. “That of all the different kinds of bullying that goes on, they’re highlighting somebody giving Trump a hard time.

Despite claiming he thought it was a “good thing that she invited him”, Lemon also suggested Joshua was going to be used as a “political pawn”. “…You know, I don’t know. I hope that they’re not using it for political expediency,” he sighed.

Cuomo then seemed to take a shot at Joshua’s parents for allowing him to be a guest of the White House. more

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  1. Everyone invited to every SotU has some political expediency.

    Gee, I sure hope that Muzzloid amateur bombmaker who made a “cool clock” getting a personal White House invite from Preezy DownLow wasn’t political.

    You think AOC inviting the activist who blew Jeff Flake in the elevator to change his vote on Kavanaugh isn’t political?

    The personal is political. The kid getting bullied in the first place was political.

  2. Yet some Dems are inviting undocumented immigrants. Let INS check ID’s for attendees and deal with them appropriately. Would be great fun!

  3. It’s got to be pissing off Hillary. For that alone, it is brilliant.

    And get a grip, Chris and Don. You were just fine with Barky’s hypothetical son.

  4. These two imbeciles commenting on the 6th grader being a political pawn while never occurring to them that they are exactly the same thing.

  5. Some martial arts training and stick fighting, eventually a Marine and the kid will have it made. It’s the stuff success stories are made of.

  6. TRUCK

    he’ll have to spend some time in “the blood, and the mud and the beer…” to do that.

    I doubt his folk will allow that


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