Conehead Blocks Traffic

Wait for it–

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  1. If laughing is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
    Still, I’d like to know the story behind why she’s doing it. I heard the woman on the clip saying she’s nuts. lol.

  2. A couple years ago I passed through an intersection where a BLM protest was just gathering steam. A couple morons jumped out in front of my truck. I in turn pulled my 1911 and showed it to them. I pulled through with out issue.

  3. Our side needs to stop being polite and properly behaved. Knocking these assholes in the head with a traffic cone is a good start.

  4. I. watched 3 times. I still don’t understand.

    Driver was in a thorough fare. A woman, dressed in black in night time obstructed the roadway. Driver three times tried to nudge her.

    How much indulgence to tantrumists are we required to provide?

    That’s what happened in Charlottesville. Leftists attack a guy until he panics and flees in his vehicle accidentally culling the dumbest beast in the herd. The one who is the slowest and dumbest

    Natural selection. She (who’s name is forgotten and shall no longer reproduce) did the stupid but the escaping the angry mob dude pays the price.

  5. That ranks right up there with the two morons trying to throw bricks thru window, first one hits and it doesn’t break the second one hits his partner in the back of the head with his brick. I have to watch that several time too when it pops up on fake book.

  6. … and then he threw a traffic cone at an innocent woman.

    We know it was him, we have a confidential whistle blower who found a pancake in the pocket of his suit coat.

    He will testify, deep under ground from a hidden location beneath an undisclosed Democrat Precinct Office, that Donald Trump stepped from the back door of a black stretch Cadillac sportin’ a couple guys perched on the rear bumper and American flags up front. Took off the incriminating evidence and tossed it aside then picked up a traffic cone and committed assault on an innocent woman.

    And besides, there were a couple FBI Agents frolicking in the bushes who saw the whole thing go down.

    If that ain’t an impeachable offense then…

    News at 11

  7. My guess is that she was/is suicidal. Which confirms, and demonstrates the statistic that women are rarely successful at it.

  8. Had to come back to this one as work blocks most videos and you tube.


    Great shot of accurately throwing the cone as some of those can be very heavy.

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