Confederate Flag Parade: “God Don’t Like Ugly” – anonymous black videographer

This video was sent in by Sean Padraig, a tipster who really took offense to the narrator’s vulgar voice-over.

The videographer is amazed that this parade would be allowed, not understanding at all that the first amendment doesn’t only protect the speech of his mumble-mouf, it protects speech he doesn’t like, as well.

There was an incident (that, frankly, I found funny ((I’m stupid like that)) in the video that caused him to editorialize, “God don’t like ugly.”

It seems his understanding of God is as weak as his understanding of the constitution.

16 Comments on Confederate Flag Parade: “God Don’t Like Ugly” – anonymous black videographer

  1. I don’t know. I just think it’s really hard to qualify as a bad ass mutha fuckin thug when your 5 lb dog is yipping in the back ground. Fuck you puss.

  2. I wonder how many people think God is some white guy. I bet it’s over-the-top Onion huge. What a bunch of fuckin aholes.

  3. We think of God as made in our own individual image. That’s normal, right?

    To Donald Trump God has a marvel of engineering comb-over.

  4. Boy… I hope if the shtf I can still see good enough to aim………..
    This is all too funny…..NOT!

  5. … or Rosie O’Donnell, or Helen Thomas, or Janet Reno, or Madeline Albright, or … well just about any woman of the left. And their external ugliness is matched by that of their souls.

  6. If God were involved, a swarm of yellow jackets would have flown into his mouth.

    The wreck was kinda funny, but the idiot common tater is probably part of the reason those local rednecks cling to the very flag he hates, just to piss him off.

  7. Typical of white-hating black folk; standing by to criticize, heckle, with wonton eyes to see how much drama can be stirred up.
    All this, with absolutely no self-judgment- like your dung don’t stink.
    When will you people ( not referencing decent respectable blacks!) ever check up?
    A time is coming.

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