Confessed crimes in Katie Couric’s movie

BA: We noted yesterday that Ammoland discovered an interview where Under the Gun director Stephanie Soechtig admitted sending a male producer who was a Colorado resident down to Arizona to privately purchase a rifle and three handguns.

As Ammoland noted, this interview became a confession that the Under the Gun filmmakers committed numerous felony crimes.

In February, The Lip TV  interviewed the film’s director, Stephanie Soechtig, prior to the film’s release. During this interview, Ms. Soechtig openly discussed how she sent a producer of the film, who resides in Colorado, to Arizona to purchase firearms (including three pistols) privately. [original video marker 1.27]

According to Ms. Soechtig, the producer met a private seller in a parking lot of a local Wendy’s, and in less than four hours and without a background check, obtained a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns.

It is unknown what happened to these firearms and whether or not they returned with the producer to Colorado. Presumably, this crime was committed in order to highlight what the film’s proponents believe to be current inadequacies federal firearm laws, and to educate viewers on the process for obtaining a firearm. As Ms. Soechtig stated, all of the film’s content was “news to me.” Apparently, existing federal law prohibiting private interstate firearms transfers is also something that will also come as “news” to Ms. Soechtig and her staff.

So who is this male producer Soechtig sent to break federal gun laws?  MORE

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  1. Even little old me knows you need an FFL for interstate firearm transfers. Unless of course you take up residency in said purchasing state before returning to your home state.

    But then again, I am a lawful gun owner.

    Silly progs, guns aren’t for weak kneed goofs!

  2. Huck knew a hypocrite when he saw one,
    “And she took snuff too. Of Course, that was all right, because she done it herself.”
    Typical Left, the end justifies the means because: the children, the Earth, Gaia, level the playing field, BLM, Racism, inequality, life is unfair, bla bla bla de fooking bla.
    On the upside, he’ll get all buff in prison, or turn on his boss.

  3. Media personalities, like politicians are above the law.
    Some people are more equal than others.
    Nothing will come of this….another distraction.

  4. Another Leftist Hoax Crime. The only way the Left can get their story to *work* is through lies and deception.

  5. @ Abby: “Another Leftist Hoax Crime. The only way the Left can get their story to work is through lies and deception.”

    No hoax, this was a premeditated violation of federal firearm laws. Several of them. Federal felonies. Admitted to in public. If I did this I would be prosecuted, convicted, fined and jailed. Rightfully so.

    Nothing will happen to these ‘more equal’ pigs.

    And that is just wrong from the get go.

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